Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 So I must admit that Halloween is not my favorite
Holiday. GASP. I know.. I actually think it's quite
awful and a dreadfully tacky holiday. 
But it does get me excited for Fall and Thanksgiving.
Even though we don't have any changing of seasons
here in FL I still love the fall weather here. Nothing
beats 70 degrees all winter :)

                       Source: via KLR on Pinterest

I love these DIY Pumpkin Mason jars! 

                   Source: via KLR on Pinterest

Loving this Fall bucket list for Southern Belle's!
I plan to complete most of the things on this list :)

                        Source: Uploaded by user via KLR on Pinterest

[KP] and I are going to try and carve pumpkins
tonight after I get home from the hospital so
maybe I will carve this into my pumpkin? hah.
Hmmm. If only I could figure out how to monogram
my pumpkin..

                                   Source: via KLR on Pinterest

I can't wait for Thanksgiving. It has become tradition
that my mom, my mimi and I cook Thanksgiving
dinner at our cabin in TN. I am always the meal planner
and mostly in charge of dessert, hah! I will definitely
be utilizing this handy meal planner this year. I love Pinterest!

                                      Source: via KLR on Pinterest

I also can't wait to start doing dark colors
on my fingernails and toes. I have a navy
on my toes right now but my nails are still a coral
color. Once it starts being consistently cool here in
FL the brights & Lilly will be going away and
dark colors will be here to stay (for a few months)
Love this OPI color.. it's one of my fall
signature colors :)

                                        Source: via KLR on Pinterest

Also can't wait to be wearing these new babies
all the time! My amazing mama bought me these
for a fall present the other day. They are so comfy
and look great with tons of outfits!

Hope everyone had a great weekend
and is having a great Halloween so far!

Little Miss Southern Love


Amanda said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Great things to be loving about fall!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

Hey girl, Happy Halloween!
I left you an award over on my blog!
Have a great week! :)