Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday gifts recap!

Because of the whole you know.. getting engaged
on my birthday! I totally forgot to blog about the wonderful
gifts I was given that day. As many of you know from 
this post [KP] and I went out fishing my birthday morning,
got engaged, then had lunch at our favorite BBQ place, and then
went to a big dinner afterwards.
I opened some gifts that afternoon and evening from family and friends.
Here's some of my goodies:

 Lilly Pulitzer Sea & be seen tote in Look Lady
from my new Mother-in-law and Father-in-law :)

 Kate Spade cosmetic bag- dizzy dot large- navy/clotted cream
from my parents.
 Glam Rock Patterned Strap watch- white.
(mine has silver hardware)
from my parents.

 Lilly Pulitzer- Laelia Pareo printed- Limeade floaters
From Preppy Wife Preppy Life and MK!

 Tory Burch- Glitter Thong Thora Sandal
from my mom :)

 Tory Burch- Jelly Thora Thong Sandal
from my mom :)

Lilly Pulitzer- Murfee Scarf- Peel and Eat
from my dad.

Lilly Pulitzer Wyatt Dress- Peel and Eat
From my parents.

 Also, this super cute nursing shirt from Preppy Wife Preppy Life.

Lilly Pulitzer giftcards from my friends [MS] & [AG]

But the best present I got for my birthday was this:

 Yes, I know. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT, ever!

It's absolutely gorgeous and I still can't stop staring
at it on my finger :) I love KP!

Also, I received such sweet flowers and cards from
so many of my friends and family.
Thanks so much, I love you guys.

Preppy Wife Preppy Life was such a big help
tonight and I finally have buttons!
So thankful to have her amazing code skills
or they never would have made it on here.
I made the first one and she made the second one.
Pick whichever you like :)

Little Miss Southern Love

Little Miss Southern Love

I hope everyone is having a great week! 

Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Wedding Gowns

Linking up with Elizabeth at Life with Elizabeth again today for
Bridal Talk Tuesday!

I have taken the wonderful advice given to me
by my lovely engaged friends and I have been browsing
different bridal gown websites.
Since I will most likely be going to Kleinfelds sometime
this fall their website has been one 
of the ones I have searched through the most.
All of the others have been found on different wedding blogs such as

 This is a Jorge Manuel gown. I think
it would be simply perfect for our Florida beachside ceremony.

 This dress is Modern Trousseau
I also am loving the eyelet design on this one.

 This dress is Modern Trousseau
These dresses are not carried locally
and I would have to go to Miami to try them on.

 Love the name of this Modern Trousseau gown :)
I also am really loving lace.

 And again.. seriously love them all.

 This gown is also from their fall 2011 collection.

 Not sure where this dress is from. And also
not sure how I feel about the bottom. 
But, thought I would throw it in
to add something different.

 This dress.. ahhh.
This is probably one of my favorites.
This dress is from the beloved Lilly Pulitzer bridal collection.
And to my recent findings.. these dresses are carried at Kleinfelds.
I cannot wait to try this one on.

And this one is also LP. It's hard to see
the details in this dress in the photo. 
Also found at Kleinfelds

And also another LP gown. A differnt
shape than I thought I wanted but you never know..
I'll try it.
Also from Kleinfelds.

So speaking of Kleinfelds. I am about halfway through with my
application for Say Yes to the Dress. I know it is probably a
long shot but the response I get from everyone when I tell them
that I am going there to try and find my dress is
 "Are you going to be on the show?!"
 My mom and grandma encouraged me to fill out
the application just to see what happens. And so I am. 
I would love to get picked but we shall see :)
We are probably going to be going up there sometime this Fall.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Bridal Talk Tuesday! 

Let me know which dresses you guys like.. and any
suggestions from my other brides out there would
be greatly appreciated!

Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Wedding Ideas

Linking up with Elizabeth at Life with Elizabeth today
for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

This is my first time linking up and I am 
so excited to share some of my ideas with you.
It has been quite hectic around here with getting engaged,
going to Alaska (without the fiance`),
getting in a car accident, finishing
up my 2nd to last semester at school and trying to
get things together to start planning this thing!

Here are some of the ideas that are currently 
my favorites:
 Love everything here except the grey suits.

 Loving these flower balls for my flower girls/Junior bridesmaids.

 Love these simple dresses.

 This is more of the look I like for the guys!

 Loving these green dresses for my flower girls/Junior bridesmaids.
Found here:

 Love the limes in the monogrammed glass vase.

 These girls dresses and flower balls are too cute!

 Once again, LOVE!

 Thinking about having [KP] in either all khaki or all navy.

 Love these blue glass bottles as table decor.

Love this idea for the sand.

hmm.. thinking about getting this book, haha!

So far we have our guest list pretty complete and 
are going to have dinner with my parents sometime next week
to talk about budget, etc.
We have a good idea about locations and are pretty settled on these
colors. My grandma is also pretty set on going to NYC to
try on dresses at Klienfelds and since she is buying my gown
how can I say no to that :)
We just need to pick a date and get our venues narrowed down.
We are thinking of either November 2012 or March or April of 2013.
What do you girls think?

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we are thinking about!

Also- head on over to the Portuguese Prepster to enter her
fabulous Lilly giveaway!
Little Miss Southern Love

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby brother graduates Kindergarten.

My little brother [ND] graduated from Kindergarten in May
and I just came across the pictures and thought they were 
just too cute not to share with my blog friends.
Whenever I take [ND] out in public everyone always asks if he is
mine because we look so much a like. 
We were at Target once buying a few things and he wanted
to eat something that we had purchased and the 
cashier said to him "Only if mom says it's ok" 
to which he replies quickly "That's not my Mom! 
That's my sister!" haha- he definitely tells it like it is. 
I guess with 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom
it is becoming more socially acceptable for a 22 year old to have a 6 year old.
Anyways- he graduated from Kindergarten and was so proud! 
Here are some photos I took that night:

Mom & I. 

I know, he is so cute. 

 The family: Mom [MD], Step-dad [CD], Sis [AD], Bub [ND]

 You can see in this picture he has a scratch on his face.. that's from Daisy.
Apparently she had enough of him being all up in her
face a few days before graduation and she bit him.
She is easily annoyed just like her mama.
I can't say I blame her because he does terrorize her.

All the children. This is the best picture and it's still not good. Welcome
to our family. Yes, the attractive man in black is my brother [BR]. 
And ladies, he is single :) 

And of course [KP] and I. 
[ND] was so excited for [KP] to attend his graduation
and I am glad that the kids don't mind accepting him
as a brother-in-law soon.
Even though we were dating before [ND] was born. 
Yep, 7 years :)

Hope everyone is having a great week. 
It's definitely a busy one for me preparing for finals
and completing final projects. 
But I am planning on linking up for Bridal Talk Tuesday tomorrow 
featured on Life with Elizabeth to share some of my wedding
plans/ideas! Stay tuned.

Little Miss Southern Love