Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012

I must say that by looking at the Spring 2012 
Lilly line I can already tell you I am going
to be in big trouble. I love almost everything.
Between patch print, ruffles, stripes, and navy and pink floral
I think Lilly definitely hit the nail on the head with
this one. So many of these dresses scream "honeymoon!!"
to me. Which I love of course! I have heard missed messages 
about the Spring line so far.. one of which was that
there's "too much floral". But come on gals.. it is
the Spring line! Hellooo Easter & Mothers Day!
I think these dresses would be perfect for both
of those occasions.

Here are my favorites so far:

Lottie Dress- Bright Navy Cheery Mine Engineered
Easter or Mother's Day brunch dress? Yes, please!

Joycee Tunic- Bright Navy Cherry Picker
(love this print!)

Ricci Shift- Multi Lilly's State of Mind Patch
Love this print SO much. I seriously might
buy every piece it comes in.

Mariana Dress- Multi Lilly's State of Mind Patch
I love this dress much more than the Ricci Shift!

Somerset Dress- Bright Navy Cherry Picker
This looks adorable.. I hope it's not
as short as it appears. The fit looks
like a Cassie somewhat?

Somerset Dress- True Navy
This is adorable. I love the ruffles
on the sleeves.

Allura Dress- True Navy Embroidery Placed
Love the detailing on this one.

Adelson Shift- Multi Lilly's State of Mind patch
Can't decide whether I like the Adelson or Mariana better.
Clearly do not need both.

Callahan short- Multi Lilly's State of Mind patch
Wondering why most of the Callahan's are
$64 now? Even the solids! But alas I must have
these in the patch.

Callahan Short- Bright Navy Yum Yum
How cute is this print?

Briar Skirt- Resort White Spritz
I'm calling it now.. This print will be
like the Wyatt & Cissy in Let them eat cake..
Hard to find! And it's only available in
this skirt and the Lottie dress. 

Buttercup short- Shorely Blue Lucky Seersucker
I love my buttercup shorts and sadly I did
not buy enough of them last Spring/Summer.
So this Spring I am stocking up! So cute on!

Buttercup Short- White Mini Spring Fever Toile

Callahan Short- Multi Aint No Lady Printed Patch
Love this print! Wish it came in more than just these!

Callahan Short- Worth Blue Sweet Little Lady
Seersucker and lady bugs! SO cute!

Elsa Top Embroidered- Bright Navy
Love this! And it's kinda wedding colors!

Elsa Top Ruffles- Hotty Pink
This might go down in history as my favorite
Elsa ever. Hotty pink, ruffles and dots! What
more could a girl want?!

Lottie Dress- Resort White Spritz

Maybell Dress- Worth Blue Swizzle Stripe
Love this but looks so short. Must try this on
one first

Marlisa Dress- Resort white doodle bug daisy
Of course I love this Daisy
print in honor of my sweet Daisy girl.
I desperately need this dress for my tropical
honeymoon location TBD.

Mimosa Skirt- Worth Blue Swizzle Stripe
From the previews I saw of spring I could have easily said
this was my favorite item.. now that I have seen it up close
I am not sure if I love the "shineyness" of this fabric.
Must see in person.

Mimosa Skirt- Hotty Pink Lucky Seersucker
Must have this! Absolutely adorable.

Resort Chic Wedge Basketweave- White
I LOVE these and I think I most definitely 
need them for wedding events. 

Resort Chic Wedge Basketweave- Gold

Trellis Clutch
Perfect for bridal showers and such.

Murfette scarf- Lilly's Pink Checking In
Love this print and so glad it is making
a return debut.

Murfette Scarf- Surf Blue Checking In
I love the price of Murfee's new girlfriend the murfette..
Interested to see what it looks/feels like in person.

Does this photo seem inappropriate to anyone?
Just noticed in on SOP's homepage and I think my jaw
fell open. I think this gives Lilly a bad name. You would
think that SOP would have to show Lilly all the pictures
they use for advertisements before they are on the website..
Who wants to bet this isn't up for long? Tempted to email Lilly
myself. Lilly ladies do not pose for pictures topless. Sorry if you don't agree.

Hope you love all of the new Spring 2012 items Lilly
just debuted! I know I sure do!

Now to restrain myself til it goes on sale...

Little Miss Southern Love

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Better late than never right? Trying to catch
up on my blogging this week while I'm supposed
to be studying for the super important test hanging over
my head. (oops!) 

Every Christmas Eve we go out to my Mimi's house
and she cooks an early dinner. Then I drive down
to my fiance's house where they always have dinner
at the neighbors. Then I hurry home afterwards to
help Santa ready the toys for the children. 

 My brother and cousin heading out to fish
before we eat.

 Kids Table

 Turkey, Beef Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, rolls, green beans, 
corn, stuffing, vegetables. My Mimi can sure cook!

 Also asked my cousin and little brother to be in
the wedding with these Cookies by Design cookies
that they specially made for us!

 One of many Pinterest Christmas creations.

 Kids reading the Christmas story in the scripture.

 In shock of what she just opened.. a pair of Jimmy Choo's

 And a prada bag.. all from my Grandpa. Who clearly
does not shop for her :)

 PaPa liked his new shooting shirts.

 Clearly the favorite grandchild :)

 Little man said yes with a thumbs up!

 I like your Choo's!

 I take way too many pictures of my dog!

Who doesn't love a monogrammed dog butt?

 [ND] with his monogrammed Christmas jammies!

 Santa loved the red velvet cookies!

 Mom wrapping some last minute gifts in her
Christmas jammies!

 Got the whole family in on the last minute wrapping!

 Tinker decided to get a little crazy on his last night 
with us this year!

 And way into the early hours of the morning Santa came!

 And he ate all the cookies, drank all the milk and fed
the carrots to the reindeer!

 And of course he stuffed the stockings too :)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Little Miss Southern Love