Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 So I must admit that Halloween is not my favorite
Holiday. GASP. I know.. I actually think it's quite
awful and a dreadfully tacky holiday. 
But it does get me excited for Fall and Thanksgiving.
Even though we don't have any changing of seasons
here in FL I still love the fall weather here. Nothing
beats 70 degrees all winter :)

                       Source: via KLR on Pinterest

I love these DIY Pumpkin Mason jars! 

                   Source: via KLR on Pinterest

Loving this Fall bucket list for Southern Belle's!
I plan to complete most of the things on this list :)

                        Source: Uploaded by user via KLR on Pinterest

[KP] and I are going to try and carve pumpkins
tonight after I get home from the hospital so
maybe I will carve this into my pumpkin? hah.
Hmmm. If only I could figure out how to monogram
my pumpkin..

                                   Source: via KLR on Pinterest

I can't wait for Thanksgiving. It has become tradition
that my mom, my mimi and I cook Thanksgiving
dinner at our cabin in TN. I am always the meal planner
and mostly in charge of dessert, hah! I will definitely
be utilizing this handy meal planner this year. I love Pinterest!

                                      Source: via KLR on Pinterest

I also can't wait to start doing dark colors
on my fingernails and toes. I have a navy
on my toes right now but my nails are still a coral
color. Once it starts being consistently cool here in
FL the brights & Lilly will be going away and
dark colors will be here to stay (for a few months)
Love this OPI color.. it's one of my fall
signature colors :)

                                        Source: via KLR on Pinterest

Also can't wait to be wearing these new babies
all the time! My amazing mama bought me these
for a fall present the other day. They are so comfy
and look great with tons of outfits!

Hope everyone had a great weekend
and is having a great Halloween so far!

Little Miss Southern Love

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Linking up for my first Thankful Thursday with

Soo thankful for my sweet fiance' [KP].
He has definitely been super supportive through
everything I've been trying to juggle lately.
Wedding planning, me trying to finish
school, him working full time, and
now me trying to complete 180 hours of
preceptorship with a nurse
doesn't leave much time for the quality
'us' time but somehow every week we
manage to squeeze some in.
Like this week.. we went golfing
at the new golf & country club where
[KP] works. So fun to go out and watch
him golf. We even saw tons of wildlife.
Even if I did read my book on the
Ipad almost the entire time I still had a
great time. And the weather was fantastic!

This is a picture from my graduation
 dinner which I promise
I will be blogging about soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week :)

Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Flowers!

Linking up with Elizabeth again this week
for Bridal Talk Tuesday.

This week we will be talking flowers!
I have a full day of wedding appointments
planned tomorrow. We are going to the venue
again but this time with our planner for the first time.
And meeting about invitations, and meeting with
our possible florist. 

I met with her last week and we went
over some ideas for bouquets, boutonnieres, and
centerpieces. Whew, it's a lot! So glad I have my 
fabulous wedding planner to help me figure things out!

Well I wanted to share with you some of my ideas 
for bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres!

I don't want an all white bridal bouquet.
I want a little bit of green to add some 

[KP] is going to make these and tie flies
to put on the rope! I LOVE them.
And we will put a little green flower behind
the rope.

We are ordering these knot table number
card holders.

Love the ranunculus. They have definitely
been the 'suprise' flower that I never
knew about until I started planning.
And I love the lime green center!

Green hydrangeas are definitely a fav!

Our flower girls will be carrying these balls.

I like the contrast of these bouquets and bridesmaids
dresses. I also like how the bride has a white bouquet
with a little bit of green and all the girls have green bouquets
with a little bit of white.

Definitely will have some ribbon tied around
the bouquets!

Green mums for the flower balls!

Loving this long square centerpiece for our sweetheart table!

Like this bouquet too!

And loving these square centerpieces.

Loving this for the bridesmaids.

And loving this for me!

Loving these for our aisles.

Hope you like all my flower ideas!

Can't wait to pick out all our stuff tomorrow.

Little Miss Southern Love

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girls hunt too!

So this past weekend was the opening of dove season
here in Southwest Florida.
We always hunt on Sundays around
4:00. It was pretty good weather for the first day
but it could have been a little cooler! 

Wore my camo crocs to the farm and then 
changed into my boots once we got there.

We hunt in farm fields that are part 
of a growing company that my family is a part 
of. We always hunt in fields that have already
been harvested and burned. The birds like to fly
down and come lay in these fields to eat the seeds
left over.

[KP] obviously super excited to get shooting!

he was starting to get annoyed with me taking
pictures of him! hah.

 Didn't do my best this weekend but I did kill
a few. Since I don't shoot as much as I should
it's always hard to get back into it.

 [KP] said the birds weren't flying near us because 
they could see my bright pink camo gun case! hah.
Therefore I earned the nickname "Scarecrow".

 Got a tad bored when they weren't flying!

This is an otter! I know it's hard to see. 

We had such a fun weekend and [KP] got
his limit in just a few hours. I on the other hand
need some more practice to kill as many
as I did last year. 
I love hunting and it's such a fun thing 
to do with my fiance' that we both enjoy.

Any of you ladies like hunting?

Little Miss Southern Love