Monday, June 25, 2012


While everyone is SO consumed with the 50 Shades of Grey series.. 
(not to say I haven't read them)
But, I wanted to take some time to mention a book I read recently 
by a fellow blogger that touched my heart. 

Bloom was written by Kelle Hampton 

She also has a blog which is so appropriately

I first heard about this book on Instagram...
someone IG'd a picture of the cover and 
I am always intrigued by book covers. I 
quickly grabbed my Ipad and read
the description and download the
sample onto my iBooks. After quickly reading
the sample I then purchased my very own copy
and proceeded to read it in less than 24 hours.. and 
I cried.
 I cried every.single.chapter. 
It was the most touching book I have ever read. 
The writing is phenomenal
and I felt like most of the book that I was sitting having a
conversation with her and she was recounting
all the moments just as they happened.

The book is written about Kelle's
daughter, Nella. All through Kelle's pregnancy
she was never given any indication to think anything was
wrong with the beautiful baby girl growing inside of her.
Nella was born with Downs Syndrome and this
book is just the beginning of her amazing story.
And it truly gives meaning to the title of the book..

finding beauty in the unexpected

This book left me feeling so touched, thankful and in awe 
of God's grace. I totally recommend it.


Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Our Engagement Photos were published!

I haven't linked up for a Bridal Talk Tuesday in a long while! 

Our engagement photos were featured on the Floridian Weddings
blog yesterday! See some of our photos and read our story here.


Little Miss Southern Love

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catching up... Eric Church Concert!

Here are some pictures from an Eric Church 
concert we went to a few months ago!
Of course we tailgated before the concert.

 My mom and step-dad.

 My brother and his gf Mandy.

 Brantley Gilbert was SO good! 
I love him even more.

 We were in the VIP pit and were SO close to the

 Ahhh Eric Church!

 Oh course rocking the red solo cup.

 Like I said SO close! All the pictures
of the actual concert were taken with my Iphone
because they wouldn't let me bring my big canon in :(
And obviously it was super bright because
he wore his shades all night. hah!

 This guy threw his boot up on the stage
and Eric signed it and threw it back. Jealous.

Hands down one of the best concerts I've ever been to! 
If anyone has a chance to attend a concert
on this tour I say go! Such a great time!

We are also seeing Jason Aldean in Tampa
in August! Can't wait. I love summer
country concerts.

Since I love going to concerts I am looking
into another small digital camera. I love
my new big camera, the canon T3i, but
they won't let you bring it in to most
concerts because of the zoom lens capability.
I am looking at getting the new Canon Elph 530HS
with the new wifi capabilities. Anyone use this camera
or use a Canon digital camera and have any recommendations?


Little Miss Southern Love

Monday, June 11, 2012

Lilly Rose- The new addition.

A few weeks ago my mom decided 
that with Daisy & I leaving soon she needed
a new puppy! And so the hunt began.
My mom knew she wanted a poodle mix
because Daisy is a shih-tzu/poodle 
and is such a great dog. We looked at 
a few liters of puppies from breeders
locally that were malti-poos and shih-poos
and really didn't see any we liked all
that much. Then one day we decided
to stop in a local pet store (yes, I know, me- the
girl who is SO anti-pet store puppy buying) to 
look around. Once I spotted her I knew there
was no way we could go home without
her. I immediately asked to see 
her and we had her in the little play area
for probably about an hour.. she
is the sweetest little thing and has
the cutest personality ever! We love her
so much already. She is a peka-poo. 
Which is half pekingese and half poodle.
Ohh how I love poodle mixes!!

 Her and Daisy have become best friends.

The name Lilly had been in my head for the next puppy..
after Lilly Pulitzer of course! And my little brother's teacher
had just had a baby who she named Lilly Rose.. and little
[ND] thought it would be so appropriate for our new puppy
to have the same name! 

She is such a sweet addition to our family 
and has fit in so nicely. Now the problem will be
separating her and Daisy when our house is finished
at the end of next month... ya! I said that.. moving
at the end of next month already! Yay!


Little Miss Southern Love

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gonna catch all the fish.. gonna drink all the beer.

It's no secret [KP] and I love to fish
together.. if you need a refresher about
exactly how much fishing means
to us check out my post about where
we got engaged here.

 Summer time in Florida means a few
things... great weather 
and great fishing! I jump on any
opportunity to go fishing especially
with my wonderful fiance`.. and this
trip we also brought along my brother
[BR] and his girlfriend [MH].

 This trip was also particularly fun because
I got to play with my new camera.. I recently
upgraded my old Canon Rebel to
the new Rebel T3i and I love it! 
It even shoots HD video.. [KP]
is already planning for me to shoot
his own little mini fishing shows! haha.

 Love this shot.. he prouds himself
on his sweet cast net throwing skills.

 It's not a great day of fishing without a cold BL! 

 Love him :)

 Why yes, I did catch the first fish of the day! 

 [MH] and her redfish!

 My brother [BR] and [MH] with her fish.

loved all the spots on this one!

We had a great day fishing on the water. There is 
not much I would rather be doing than fishing 
and getting some sun on the boat in the summer! Luckily
I have a great fiance` who loves taking me :)

Anyone else fish a lot during the summer?


Little Miss Southern Love