Monday, June 25, 2012


While everyone is SO consumed with the 50 Shades of Grey series.. 
(not to say I haven't read them)
But, I wanted to take some time to mention a book I read recently 
by a fellow blogger that touched my heart. 

Bloom was written by Kelle Hampton 

She also has a blog which is so appropriately

I first heard about this book on Instagram...
someone IG'd a picture of the cover and 
I am always intrigued by book covers. I 
quickly grabbed my Ipad and read
the description and download the
sample onto my iBooks. After quickly reading
the sample I then purchased my very own copy
and proceeded to read it in less than 24 hours.. and 
I cried.
 I cried every.single.chapter. 
It was the most touching book I have ever read. 
The writing is phenomenal
and I felt like most of the book that I was sitting having a
conversation with her and she was recounting
all the moments just as they happened.

The book is written about Kelle's
daughter, Nella. All through Kelle's pregnancy
she was never given any indication to think anything was
wrong with the beautiful baby girl growing inside of her.
Nella was born with Downs Syndrome and this
book is just the beginning of her amazing story.
And it truly gives meaning to the title of the book..

finding beauty in the unexpected

This book left me feeling so touched, thankful and in awe 
of God's grace. I totally recommend it.


Little Miss Southern Love


Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

I read this too and loved it!!!! i love how real she is about everything!

Allyson Butler said...

I've been hearing so much about this book...I will have to read it!

Bailey said...

That looks like such a great book! :)


Clare Christine said...

I am not part of the 50 shades of grey fan club...although I am getting the feeling most of the world is!! I will have to look into your book next :) Darling blog, happy I came across it!

Happy Fourth!
Twirling Clare