Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Honeymoon Destination!

Linking up with Elizabeth from Life with Elizabeth
for this week's Bridal Talk Tuesday!
Which is quite exciting might I add because it is
the last BTT before Elizabeth & Corey get married
this weekend! How exciting for her! Wish you both
an amazing weekend and an amazing honeymoon!

After much careful consideration KP and I have settled on
our honeymoon destination! We will be lounging on the beach
in Maui for 11 days! 

My parents were quite convincing with the Hawaii
honeymoon. My mom was married to my step-dad
on Maui and they simply love the island. 
After looking through the pictures and all the
activities we decided it was perfect for us.
Maui has a little bit of everything that both of us enjoy.
Fishing and golfing for KP, lounging, spa days, and 
shopping for me. And of course we are planning
to do the luau, scuba trip, and helicopter tour.

The picture above is of the Wailea Marriott we are staying
at during the second part of our trip.
We are staying at the Kaanapali Marriott
first which is in Northeast Maui and then heading
down to South Maui for the Wailea part.
Both of the resorts that we are staying at have amazing
malls less than a 5 mins walk away. Hello Louis Vuitton store!

We will be heading to Oahu for one day to see Pearl Harbor,
etc. and then flying out of Honolulu.

We are so excited to spend 11 days basking in the sun 
and enjoying our newlywed bliss! Can't wait!

But until then, Congrats Elizabeth & Corey!
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!


Little Miss Southern Love

Monday, July 30, 2012

Blogger meetup!

A few months ago, Beverly & I met up
with Lauren from Lifestyles of Lauren!
Her family has a condo right near where
we live! We had a great time meeting up
with her and her sister Emily for sushi at
Our favorite local sushi spot!
Since Lauren and Emily are both nurses
we had lots in common and lots to talk about!

Lauren & I
Emily, Lauren & I

Beverly, Lauren & I

We can't wait to meet up with them
again when they return to town next time!
And hopefully spend more time at the beach!

Anyone else met up with any other bloggers

Little Miss Southern Love

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Current Inspiration: Wedding, Home and Style

I have tons of ideas running through my brain
lately.. whether it is for the wedding, the
new house or just something I love.
 The folders for inspiration on
my computer are overflowing. 
I thought I would share with you some
of what I have been loving lately.

 May Arts Ribbon for wedding bouquets.

 Banner Banquet via Etsy for candy buffet backdrop.

 Groom tie via Vineyard Vines

 Possible groomsman ties/ringbearer bowties 
via Etsy. 

 Fireplace inspiration via Facebook.

 Oh yep, and that's me and KP being pinned
on Pinterest! 

 There will be stripes somewhere in the
new house. Either in the dining room
or the master. Can't decide.

 Mmmmm. Love this bouquet.

Told KP he would be the best groom ever
if this was around my neck at the reception.

 Love milkglass. Love the shelves. Love the chalkboard.

 Lace, burlap. Yes, please. 

 Love this plate display in the dining room.

 This is my dining room inspiration since our table
looks almost identical to this! Need the rug.

 Love this master. Thinking of taking this to the paint
store to color match that wall color. Bluey-grey=LOVE.
And Buffalo check, I die.

Yes, yes, and yes. Plenty of space
for my jar and milkglass collection
to be properly displayed.

Hope your loving all the randomness running through
my head lately as much as I am! Almost
everything above can also be found on my pinterest.


Little Miss Southern Love

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bevy's Lilly Pulitzer Themed Bridal Shower! [Picture Overload]

Beverly's shower was a huge pink and green success!
We held it on a Sunday at the end of March
and it was a beautiful day. The bridesmaids
and the bride's mother and grandmother
did most of the planning. It was held at
her grandmothers house. Our theme was
Lilly Pulitzer.. if you can't tell. :)

Mason jar candles were handed out as favors.

Pink and green gifts galore! 

I managed to hunt down about 50 or so boxes of these
beauties just in time!

Cupcakes inspired by the Hotty Pink First
Impression print which was also the theme of the 

The bridesmaids at the shower.

The bride and her cousin.

The bride and Matron of honor!

The Bride and Maid of honor.

The Bride and myself.

The Bride and her little!

The bride and a friend.

Bride & Mama.

My mama & I.



The meal was all the brides favorites.. Chicken, pasta alfredo, 
and broccoli. 
The brides grandmother hired a magician for entertainment..
and boy was he entertaining! We are still trying to figure 
out his tricks.

Lots of presents showering the bride to be!

 Monogrammed towels!

 This has been deemed the shower of the crock pots..
I think the bride received 4 total? Ohh Bed, bath and

 The brides gift from her bridesmaids!
Her pink mixer!

 ohhh traditions!

 The winners of the toilet paper dress contest!

This shower for one of my best friends was
such a joy to help plan and to be apart of.
I don't think it possibly could have turned out any better!
Wishing Beverly & MK all the best!
Wedding post coming soon!


Little Miss Southern Love