Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heading to Alaska!


                                                                             Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

We are heading to Alaska this afternoon on a cruise for 
my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. 

Wanted to leave you with some pictures of the scenery:

                                                                            Source: via Marie on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: via Marie on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via Kaitlin on Pinterest

                                                                               Source: via Emily on Pinterest

                                                                              Source: via Susan on Pinterest

                                    I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend 
                                       and I will try and update the blog if I can!


Little Miss Southern Love.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The best birthday ever.. I'm engaged!

 So yesterday was quite possibly THE BEST DAY EVER.
It was my 22nd Birthday.
My 7 year anniversary.
And.. my Engagement day!

Remember how I told you that we were going
fishing yesterday morning?
Well you know that song by Trace Adkins- She thinks were just fishin'?
That song became the theme song of yesterday.
And it came on the radio while we were on the way there.
Little did I know..
[KP] had this amazing plan.
And it turned out so fabulous. Seriously, best day ever!

The boys bringing out the sign.

And hanging it on one of the largest bridges in our area.  

 It was 40 ft. long!! 
And.. this is what it said..

These photos are a reenactment.
We do have actual photos from up on top of the bridge but
I haven't gotten them yet, so these will do for now :)

 We got in the same spots we were in before.
Except I think [KP] was on the lower deck. 
It's amazing how much I don't remember because I was in so much shock! hah.

 Love this picture. Definitely framing this one.

 Look how red my face is! I was nervous. Note to self- take antihistamine on wedding day.

Remember this post about my engagement ring choices? 
Well he picked my #1 choice!

 It is so gorgeous. He did such a good job. 

My grandmothers stone is in this ring which make it so 
much more special. 

On the way to dinner!

 We already had a birthday dinner planned for my 
family and some friends. 
Little did I know it would be an engagement celebration too!

 And my new Clare from the Lilly sale arrived just in time! 

 So glad Preppy Wife Preppy Life could join! 

 And my friends [AG] & [MH]! 

 Here's Preppy Wife Preppy Life and [MK]! 

Love my Nursing ladies! 

[KP]'s Mom and Dad got me this lovely Lilly bag that was on my list! 

Clearly my friends know me way too well..

Soon to be KLP <3 Thanks Preppy Wife Preppy Life!! 

LOVE THIS SHIRT that she got me!

Both of our families.

Our favorite newlyweds [JD] & [JD] from The Duke and his Duchess also came!
[JD] helped [KP] get his sign and paint it! 

Our friends [BB] and [AM]! [BB] also helped [KP] by 
holding the sign up on the bridge along with [JD] and his mom and my brother! 

[KP] loved his gift!! 

It was such a great day that I have been waiting for for a long time!
I am so thankful for [KP] and that he took the time to plan 
something truly special that included things we both enjoy. 
He is seriously amazing! 
And ... [KP] had a lot of help!
I am also SO thankful for all of our wonderful family 
and friends forwithout them this day would not have been possible. 

Tomorrow I am off to Alaska for a vacation with my family! 

Little Miss Southern Love. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's my 22nd Birthday!

Today is my 22nd birthday!
My plans are to go fishing early with [KP].
(He promised me the biggest snook of my life!)
Then lunch, possibly some shopping,
and dinner with my friends and family
at one of my favorite restaurants by the beach!
I love that this birthday will be a little more 'relaxed'
and hopefully I won't be as intoxicated as I was on my 21st!

I LOVE all of these Lilly Pulitzer inspired birthday cakes that
to me say "Happy Birthday Little Miss Southern Love!"

Don't ya think?

LOVE this shift cake! #1 Favorite.

Pink & Green, yes please!

How awesome is this elephant?

I might have been thinking more wedding cake on this one :)

More birthday updates on outfits, dinner and gifts soon to come!

P.S. I am leaving on a cruise to Alaska on Thursday!
I will have my laptop but I am
not sure how the internet access will be.
But never fear- I figured out how to schedule posts!

Have a great day everyone!

Little Miss Southern Love.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair Issues!

Soooo I had quite the hair issues last week.
I had an appointment to get my hair done and decided it was
summer and I didn't like the dark panel of color that I had underneath my blonde.

I started out like this:
My colorist is the best ever but didn't expect my hair to turn orange.
And let metell you it was 10x more orange than the picture depicts.
While I do love the dear gators football team
I do not wish to support their team color everyday.
Especially not during football season :)

So I ended up with this:
My colorist wanted me to wait a few days to color it again
becausemy hair is SUPER dry and is already damaged
from excessive coloring.
So I waited 4 days.
But insisted it be blonde by my graduation celebration.

And it was :)
She is so amazing and managed to fix my hair perfectly :)
But I did have a minor freak out when it was orange for a few days.

Have you ever had any hair disasters?

Have a great day!
Little Miss Southern Love

A night with the Cake Boss!

Buddy Valastro, better known as the Cake Boss did a tour this summer
called the Bakin' with the Boss tour and I was
so excited when I heard he would be coming to
Southwest FL. He spoke at the performing arts hall where
we already have season tickets which was a good thing because his show
sold out! [JD] from The Duke and his Duchess came with me to the show!

Buddy's mom, Mary was sitting right behind us.
My little brother and sister who watch the show noticed her immediately.

He came out and started shooting T-shirts into the crowd, and we got one!

First, he called up some ladies for a cupcake demonstration and contest.
The audience got to vote which one was the best.

Then he called up some kids to do the same. How cute
are the ones in the same outfit as Buddy?

He then did a demonstration on a large cake while the audience got to ask

He brought out his wife to answer the questions about where they met :)

These men made chocolate flowers, this was by far the funniest part
of the nightas they had to 'dance' this flower over to their significant other
to music of their choice.

This was such a fun night! And if the Cake Boss is going to
be in a city anywhere near you, you should definitely go see him!
It wasn't at all what I was expecting and enjoyed listening to him speak.
Now I love him even more!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

P.S. I'm turning 22 tomorrow :)