Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's my 22nd Birthday!

Today is my 22nd birthday!
My plans are to go fishing early with [KP].
(He promised me the biggest snook of my life!)
Then lunch, possibly some shopping,
and dinner with my friends and family
at one of my favorite restaurants by the beach!
I love that this birthday will be a little more 'relaxed'
and hopefully I won't be as intoxicated as I was on my 21st!

I LOVE all of these Lilly Pulitzer inspired birthday cakes that
to me say "Happy Birthday Little Miss Southern Love!"

Don't ya think?

LOVE this shift cake! #1 Favorite.

Pink & Green, yes please!

How awesome is this elephant?

I might have been thinking more wedding cake on this one :)

More birthday updates on outfits, dinner and gifts soon to come!

P.S. I am leaving on a cruise to Alaska on Thursday!
I will have my laptop but I am
not sure how the internet access will be.
But never fear- I figured out how to schedule posts!

Have a great day everyone!

Little Miss Southern Love.


Jordan said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one:)


Southern Belle said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you get a wonderful Lilly cake.

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

All of those cakes look amazing, but the elephant and the one with the crabs are right up my alley!

Pink and Green Moms said...

Happy 22nd! I hope you have an amazing birthday and trip to Alaska! -e

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! xx

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday!I love the cakes!

soanthro said...

Happy birthday! What adorable cakes-- I have "make Lilly-inspired cupcakes" on my summer to do list!

soanthro said...

Happy birthday! What adorable cakes-- I have "make Lilly-inspired cupcakes" on my summer to do list!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Happpy Birthday!! Love the cakes.

Ashton said...

Hello darlin! New follower. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Elizabeth said...

Happy happy 22nd birthday! I hope everything about it is fabulous! Love the Lilly inspired cakes - especially the elephant one! How adorable!


Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you have a great day planned! Maybe you'll end up with your own Lily inspired cake... you never know! Have a good one!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!


cAc said...

My next goal might be to make a shift cake!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Have an fabulous day!!!

Hannah said...

I am in LOVE with the shift cake!! Maybe for my 18th birthday?? I hope!! Great post!!

Prep or Bust said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Those cakes are incredible :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Kyndra! I feel like a terrible blog friend that I didn't know until now (when I'm catching up on reading). Did you have a fantastic day!? Details please :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Love those Lilly cakes!