Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OOTD: Fall outfit

It has finally gotten cold enough in here in south Florida
to dress like it's actually winter!
Here was my outfit that I wore today
to run errands:

Fall outfit
Fall outfit by littlemisssouthernlove featuring ballerina shoes

Joe's Jeans denim skinny jeans
$172 -

Tory Burch ballerina shoes
$195 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors jewelry
$250 -

Diamond jewelry

J Crew sparkly belt
$30 -

Lilly Pulitzer Girls' Girly Rory Cardigan with Bow Pockets
$48 -

The only difference was my sweater was not 
a girls cardigan but a women's Lilly vneck 
cotton sweater in punch pink.. but I couldn't find a 
picture of it anywhere. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather!

Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Milk glass vases & vintage blue mason jars

Linking up with Elizabeth today from Life with Elizabeth
for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Sorry for a late post.. it was a long day at the hospital
today! But good news.. I finish school next week!
Then I will be one very important exam away
from being an RN officially. I cannot wait!

Anyway- like I said in my last post, we were in TN
for Thanksgiving. On Saturday after Thanksgiving
my mom and I hit a few antique stores on the way into town.
I love TN antique stores.. they have the best old vintage stuff.
I found some great stuff! 

So far this is the extent of my old blue ball mason jar
collection! These are most likely going to be used
for our outdoor ceremony and then repurposed into the cocktail
hour and reception. But the mason jars will not be centerpieces
on the actual tables. Just the surrounding tables, bar, bathrooms, etc.
I love them.

I must say I have become quite the old blue ball mason
jar expert as I learned a lot about the different logos
 and number systems used to identify these jars.
I may or may not just have purchased a #13 Ball
mason jar on ebay for $20. These are highly desired mason jars
as the #13's are very rare! yay!

I also found lots of great milk glass pieces!
 This is going to be my favorite part of our centerpieces..
 I just know it. They will be scattered 
around a larger rectangle wooden box in the center of our tables.
I just love them and how each of them are unique.

 This is my favorite one so far.. This one is Fenton and is
quite rare! Can't you tell I'm becoming quite the collector?!

I also found only one of these vintage
fishing floats! I will be buying more of these
to scatter around the reception area. I love
these and can't wait to use them in our house
after the wedding.

This is another one of my favorite pieces!

Ohhh.. these mason jars are just gorgeous!
Can't you just imagine my green and white hydrangeas
and garden roses in these?! ahhh amazing.

I also found quite a few of these little tea lite holders.

Love this vase too!

I will also be scattering around a large
amount of my great grandmothers' milk glass
collection! I love that I'm going to use this as it
will be like having a piece of her there on my day.

I hope you love all my finds! I am loving antiquing 
and I am already dying to go again. I can see a lot
of this in my future.. just a tad obsessed.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Little Miss Southern Love

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am so thankful for all the lovely
ladies that read my blog and leave the 
sweetest comments. You guys sure know how
to brighten my day!

Also, I am thankful for my
amazing fiance', Daisy, 
family, and friends.

These pictures are from last Thanksgiving:

This year [KP] had to work so I am up in TN 
with my family. This is my last Thanksgiving
spent as a single lady! How crazy. Next year
we will be newlyweds and I cannot wait!

I hope everyone is having a great day
spending time with family and friends.

Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Bridesmaids & I BOUGHT MY WEDDING GOWN!

Linking up with Elizabeth from
Life with Elizabeth today for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

I know it has been a little while since I have done one
of these. But I have been getting a lot of planning
done so not to worry I will have many things to
blog about on future Bridal Talk Tuesday's! 

On another note.. I mentioned that the my mom,
grandma (Mimi), little sister, friends [MS],
and Beverly from Preppy Wife Preppy Life and 
I were all headed over to Miami, Coral Gables
specifically, to bridal gown shop on the Miracle
Mile. Well, I must report that at the first store
the 3rd dress I tried on was definitely the one.
It was WAY out of my price range but Mimi
picked it out so I tried it on and it turned out
to be perfect! I obviously loved it and the 
designer of the dress just happened
to be having a trunk show
at the store I was shopping in.
So I met the designer and she was so nice
and gave me lots of suggestions for veils, etc.

The only problem was that this was only the 
first appointment out of 8 other appointments
that I had scheduled between that day and the next.
So we went to my next appointment
and it was awful, they had nothing.
Then I realized that all the shops I had
appointments in were just along the Mile so
we just stopped in, looked through the gowns
and quickly realized I wasn't going
to find what I wanted at any of those places.
Then we ate lunch and talked about the appointments
that I had scheduled for Sunday. One of the appointments
on Sunday I had paid for two dresses from one designer
to be sent into the store just for that weekend. Hmm.
Dilemma. So after lunch we went to my appointment
at one other salon that was somewhat comparable to
the one we had been in that morning. I tried
on a few dresses and there was only
one that was somewhat similar but
it just didn't feel right. So I knew that I had
to head back to the other salon. 

As soon as I arrived back the designer was their
waiting for us (she could tell I was coming back)
and I tried the dress on again and everyone knew 
it was the one. Then the designer personally
fitted me for the dress herself and is even
making custom alterations to the dress for me.
She also suggested a custom long veil. Then
she free-hand sketched the dress and signed it
and gave it to me! It was a great experience!
And I am so happy with my choice. I can't
wait to show you guys!

For now these pictures will have to do..

 My Mimi after we bought the dress
showing that her pockets are now empty. hah.

That night we checked
into the hotel and had a great dinner
at Fleming's! And beforehand I asked
[MS] and Beverly to be in my wedding!

 uhmm.. yes. Lots of stuff for 6 women and
1 night.

[MS] and Beverly with their Marley Lilly
gifts! [MS] is a bridesmaid and Beverly
is my MOH!
I asked [AB] to be my other MOH and 
[JD] from The Duke and his Duchess to be 
a bridesmaid last week!
I still have one more bridesmaid
to ask so hopefully she doesn't see this before
I send her hers!

Then on Sunday we got up, ate breakfast
and headed over to the Aventura mall
which is where the Jcrew store had the Bridesmaids
dresses that we could try on. 
It took a few but we picked out the Bridesmaids
dresses and the junior bridesmaids dresses also!

 This one was a no. Not crazy about
how it gathered on the side.

 Liked this one.

 Not crazy about the fan thing
at the top of this one.

 This is the style of the dress we picked
for the junior bridesmaids.
But it will be navy.

 Love the bow on the back.

These are the two we ended up going with..
The Erica dress in the Dark Navy.

And the Alisanne dress in Dark Navy
for the junior girls.

Do you like what we picked?
I wish I could show you a picture
of my dress but sorry, fiance' reads
the blog sometimes.
Can't wait for you to see! 
Let me know what you think!

Little Miss Southern Love

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 year from this very day. 11.10.12.

1 year from today I will walk down the aisle
to meet my best friend at the end and we will walk
back up the aisle together as a married couple!
I cannot wait for this day.
[KP] and I are headed out to the beach where 
we are getting married tonight to have dinner,
watch the sunset, and think about how perfect our
wedding day is going to be 1 year from today.
Also, this weekend is our girls weekend wedding
dress shopping in Miami. Can't wait!

Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2011 must-haves!

So as many of you know the Lilly Resort Collection
2011 was announced last Friday.
There are a few things that I love that 
I wanted to share with you guys!

The Boardwalk Bikini in Lillys Pink Skip on it.
Such a cute bathing suit. This might
be one of my favorite Lilly suits!

The Elsa Top in Bright Navy Hot Hot Hot
Everyone has been raving about how versatile the
Elsa is.. might finally get one!

The Dominica Dress in Bright Navy Brava
Love the pattern of this dress.. 
I think it is my favorite pattern in all
of resort.

The Jeanette Dress in Hotty Pink Lace
Love this dress.. Thinking it would be
good for a wedding! But wondering
how short it is..

Carded ID wristlet Sateen in Hotty Pink the gangs all here
Must have one of these! This is the perfect Disney

Murfee Scarf- Bravissimo
Once again, I love this pattern.

So what did you guys think of Resort
this year?
Anything that's a must-have on
your list?

Little Miss Southern Love