Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Milk glass vases & vintage blue mason jars

Linking up with Elizabeth today from Life with Elizabeth
for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Sorry for a late post.. it was a long day at the hospital
today! But good news.. I finish school next week!
Then I will be one very important exam away
from being an RN officially. I cannot wait!

Anyway- like I said in my last post, we were in TN
for Thanksgiving. On Saturday after Thanksgiving
my mom and I hit a few antique stores on the way into town.
I love TN antique stores.. they have the best old vintage stuff.
I found some great stuff! 

So far this is the extent of my old blue ball mason jar
collection! These are most likely going to be used
for our outdoor ceremony and then repurposed into the cocktail
hour and reception. But the mason jars will not be centerpieces
on the actual tables. Just the surrounding tables, bar, bathrooms, etc.
I love them.

I must say I have become quite the old blue ball mason
jar expert as I learned a lot about the different logos
 and number systems used to identify these jars.
I may or may not just have purchased a #13 Ball
mason jar on ebay for $20. These are highly desired mason jars
as the #13's are very rare! yay!

I also found lots of great milk glass pieces!
 This is going to be my favorite part of our centerpieces..
 I just know it. They will be scattered 
around a larger rectangle wooden box in the center of our tables.
I just love them and how each of them are unique.

 This is my favorite one so far.. This one is Fenton and is
quite rare! Can't you tell I'm becoming quite the collector?!

I also found only one of these vintage
fishing floats! I will be buying more of these
to scatter around the reception area. I love
these and can't wait to use them in our house
after the wedding.

This is another one of my favorite pieces!

Ohhh.. these mason jars are just gorgeous!
Can't you just imagine my green and white hydrangeas
and garden roses in these?! ahhh amazing.

I also found quite a few of these little tea lite holders.

Love this vase too!

I will also be scattering around a large
amount of my great grandmothers' milk glass
collection! I love that I'm going to use this as it
will be like having a piece of her there on my day.

I hope you love all my finds! I am loving antiquing 
and I am already dying to go again. I can see a lot
of this in my future.. just a tad obsessed.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Little Miss Southern Love


MAT said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I love going to church, it puts me in such a positive mood! You have a beautiful blog, I really like the bright colors!

Elizabeth said...

I love all your finds! We're using some vintage milk glass vases and compotes as part of our decor too - we must have similar taste! I am seriously loving your blue mason jars - what a unique idea! And so perfect for your beachy wedding and color scheme! Love that you've become such a knowledgeable collector!

So glad you linked up today - hope the last but of nursing school flies by!

Caitlin C. said...

I'm obsessedddddddddddd with mason jars! Really, I am. The ones you've found are gorgeouuus, especially the #13!

lindsay said...

Love the look you're going for with the vintage blue and the milk glass!
I've seen tutorials on Pinterest on how to make regular mason jars blue if you're still needeing more. I haven't tried it but it looked to be an easy diy!

Krystal said...

Love love love. I did milkglass centerpieces. They came out beautiful in photos!

Melissa said...

I love blue mason jars! My dad actually discovered 20 or so awhile back and I use them around our house! Awesome finds!

sSe said...

Those blue mason jars are absolutely beautiful! Plus they're so unbelievably versatile!

Amanda said...

Where did you find all of these?! I think I need to come shopping with you!! Your wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous!