Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 year from this very day. 11.10.12.

1 year from today I will walk down the aisle
to meet my best friend at the end and we will walk
back up the aisle together as a married couple!
I cannot wait for this day.
[KP] and I are headed out to the beach where 
we are getting married tonight to have dinner,
watch the sunset, and think about how perfect our
wedding day is going to be 1 year from today.
Also, this weekend is our girls weekend wedding
dress shopping in Miami. Can't wait!

Little Miss Southern Love


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Aww...have fun! x

Arielle said...

Have fun!! Can't believe it's a year away! :)

Rebecca said...

love that pic!!

Elizabeth said...

Yaaay!!! So exciting!

Hope you have a fabulous time dress shopping! Can't wait to read how it goes!

Lindsey Leigh said...

goodness!! Congrats and have a great almost wedding anniversary :)

Amanda (Sweet Tea Paperie) said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Claire said...

SO EXCITING!!!! I seriously love that y'all have that picture to keep forever! Can I hire a photographer for like the rest of my life until I get engaged to follow me around in case it happens?

Amanda said...


That's my jumbled up excited noise!!!!

Style Outside The Box said...


Kate said...

Seriously love love love this photo!