Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2011 must-haves!

So as many of you know the Lilly Resort Collection
2011 was announced last Friday.
There are a few things that I love that 
I wanted to share with you guys!

The Boardwalk Bikini in Lillys Pink Skip on it.
Such a cute bathing suit. This might
be one of my favorite Lilly suits!

The Elsa Top in Bright Navy Hot Hot Hot
Everyone has been raving about how versatile the
Elsa is.. might finally get one!

The Dominica Dress in Bright Navy Brava
Love the pattern of this dress.. 
I think it is my favorite pattern in all
of resort.

The Jeanette Dress in Hotty Pink Lace
Love this dress.. Thinking it would be
good for a wedding! But wondering
how short it is..

Carded ID wristlet Sateen in Hotty Pink the gangs all here
Must have one of these! This is the perfect Disney

Murfee Scarf- Bravissimo
Once again, I love this pattern.

So what did you guys think of Resort
this year?
Anything that's a must-have on
your list?

Little Miss Southern Love


soanthro said...

Love just about everything in the resort collection, can't even begin to pick my favorites!

Faison said...

The outfits you've chosen are awesome! Such perfect wardrobe staples! And I'm in love with that swimsuit as well... is it bad that I'm considering buying a bikini in November? Have a great day!

Turtles and Pearls said...

I absolutely love Lilly, but I'm in the middle of 30 degree weather..I can't even think about wearing this stuff right now!! A lot of it is so cute, though!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the Dominica dress! Pink and navy are so pretty together!

Claire said...

Begin: Claire's anxiety even though I just bought 2 new Lilly pieces last week!

Rebecca said...

love love the jeanete dress!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I need it all-I can't even pick!

Amanda said...

EEEE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Did you see {av}'s giveaway about this? www.longdistanceloving.net

Summer-Raye said...

Love it all. Check out my blog and follow if you'd like. Let me know Ill be sure to follow you back.

Cant wait,

MAT said...

Oh my, I love that top! You might get me into trouble with this post!

Lindsey said...

i love the wristlet! and i can't believe we were so close to one another last weekend! how funny! i love the blog world!! hope school and wedding planning are going wonderfully! happy monday!

Pamela said...

LOVE the dresses!!

Lily said...

I saw someone wearing the scarf the other day and it looked SO cute..definitely need it now!! Love all your other picks as well!!