Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday Night Dinner Recipes

 I was feeling quite ambitious this weekend and very martha stewart-ish
so I decided I was going to conquer a few new recipes. 
I found this Lasagna Recipe here, on the Oopsey Daisy blog.
She posted this recipe a few days ago and it did not disappoint. 
The only bad thing I would say about it is most certainly not
low calorie. In our house we try and maintain a select number of
dishes on the menu during the week that are both healthy and nutritious. 
This meal was definitely good for a Saturday night splurge!

I am trying to get a few basic recipes under my belt 
before [KP] and I tie the knot. My mom and I also
made beef stew this weekend! It turned out so 
good as well. 

 The recipe is layers of noodles, cheese, red sauce and
white sauce. Yum! 

 This dessert recipe is from one of
my favorite blogs, Puttin' on the Grits 
and it's called Mississippi Mud. Find the recipe here.

This was SO good. I would definitely make 
this again. Very easy to make as well.



Little Miss Southern Love

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Save the Dates are out!

Linking up with Elizabeth from 
Life with Elizabeth today for Bridal Talk Tuesday..
Yes, one day late. Don't judge! Beverly from Preppy Wife
Preppy Life's wedding planning is now in full swing
with only 10 days left and we are busy bees!

I started working with the ever so fabulous Nico & Lala
for our Save the dates and we are using them for our
wedding invitations as well. They are fantastic
and I highly recommend them. They made my Save the date
visions come to life and I love what they created!

I was so excited to see this box at the front door!

 Everything Nico & Lala does oozes fantasticness (yes, just
made up that word!) Look at these adorable return address

 Perfectly packaged, of course!

I also ordered custom stamps from and
used one of our engagement pictures. I think they turned 
out perfect and add a special touch to the front of the envelope!

 Front of the envelopes stamped.

 Beverly & I printed all of these using the same
font on the card.

And the big reveal....
Once again I love how they turned out! I blurred out
our wedding website at the bottom because the password
is listed on the invite as well and no one likes wedding stalkers.

 I love how the front turned out. Classic and simple.
Just like I wanted.

 And the back with our wedding logo and return 
address! LOVE! 

On the way to the post office!!

Of course I still had to take mailbox shot to send to 
family and friends letting them know they are on the way!

Check out Nico & Lala for all your invitation needs and
they just started making the most adorable Ipad
covers ever! Check them out here. Think I can 
convince them to throw the nautical kelly one in?! hehe :)

Hope you enjoyed this Bridal Talk Tuesday! More wedding
updates coming up soon. Beverly gets married
in 10 days yahoooo!!! 


Little Miss Southern Love

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney World January Trip

We went to Disney World in January for my little sister's 
birthday. It's about 3 hours from our house so it's pretty much
our go-to vacation destination. 
The weekend we went was COLD!
I literally had on 3-4 layers everyday.
 But, I would much rather be cold at Disney than sweating all day long.
 We have season passes
so we hit all four parks at least once like we normally do. 

At Magic Kingdom with Woody and Jessie.

One pro to it being so freezing is that
I got to wear a LP murfee scarf almost everyday!

Hippos are my favorite!!


Doesn't every 11 year old get an Iphone for their birthday?!
Told my mom this is SO not normal. But all we have in our house is 
Iphones so I don't know if we would know what to do
with anything else. 

I love this castle :)

Do you love Disney as much as me 
and my family?


Little Miss Southern Love