Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney World January Trip

We went to Disney World in January for my little sister's 
birthday. It's about 3 hours from our house so it's pretty much
our go-to vacation destination. 
The weekend we went was COLD!
I literally had on 3-4 layers everyday.
 But, I would much rather be cold at Disney than sweating all day long.
 We have season passes
so we hit all four parks at least once like we normally do. 

At Magic Kingdom with Woody and Jessie.

One pro to it being so freezing is that
I got to wear a LP murfee scarf almost everyday!

Hippos are my favorite!!


Doesn't every 11 year old get an Iphone for their birthday?!
Told my mom this is SO not normal. But all we have in our house is 
Iphones so I don't know if we would know what to do
with anything else. 

I love this castle :)

Do you love Disney as much as me 
and my family?


Little Miss Southern Love


Kendra said...

This looks so amazing! I am not a huge Disney fan, but it is always fun! When I was in Raleigh, NC, I saw a LP jeep! I have it on my blog just 2 weeks back..it was the coolest thing!

Anonymous said...

I love Disney!!! I was just there in December and I also wore a murfee :)

Sarah said...

Love Disney! I went for the first time last year (in March) and loved it, even though we only had one day to be there! I am dying to go back...

Janna said...

Living here in Orlando we are kind of spoiled with Disney. I love it during the holidays especially! I've enjoyed many dinners just because there with my sister and friends who work there. Looks like yall had a great time!

Caitlin C. said...

Loove the pictures! I'm SO jealous - I've never been to Disney!!!