Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Engagement Picture DIY/Behind the Scenes

Linking up with Life with Elizabeth today
for Bridal Talk Tuesday! 

Today I am going to reveal how I made some of the props
we used in our Engagement Picture shoot. Most of the ideas
that I found were from Pinterest (surprise, surprise!)

 These don't look like a total fail but they were. I painted
them a pretty khaki color with a gold sheen and then
used the crackle paint and it didn't work. I still think the color
turned out nicely and went well with the background colors.
These are from Hobby Lobby. 

 The banners were something I knew that I wanted
to do from day 1 of engagement prop planning.
The anchor stencils are from the Martha Stewart
Michaels nautical collection, and the letter and
number stencils are from Hobby Lobby. 
I found a tutorial online
that was kinda confusing so I ended up making them
all on my own. I measured the burlap and cut one to use
as a stencil for all the rest. 

 I ended up making two banners, one with the date
and one that said 'Save the Date'. 

 After they dried I simply folded a tiny flap of the top of the
penant over the string of burlap and got glued it.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out.
Especially the anchors!
Photo Credit: Maria Glassford Photography

 The next project was these numbers. I painted them
the first time and it was too blue (see the back of the right one)
so then I bought a darker color which was more navy. 
Then I used the pop-top part of an aluminum can and hot
glued them to the back so that I could string them all on my 

 Final product.

Final product.

Photo Credit: Maria Glassford Photography

I can't find the pictures for how I made these
but there are SO many tutorials out there to do so. 
All you have to do is google 'Moss Green letters'. 
I bought the sheet moss from Joann Fabrics and
cut it to size around the cardboard letters also from Joanns.
 I used two packs on these. I love how 
these turned out as well! 

 Of course my BFF Carrie was my hair inspiration!
(as she almost always is) 

 This is how it looked when I left the salon..
A little poofy and a bit too curly but
it fell out so nicely! I love my hair stylist. 

This is where we took our pictures.
Boca Grande, FL. It's so weird that this 
is in the same county as the one I live in but
it still took us about 1 hour 30 minutes to get there..
but so worth it! 

Let me know if anyone else has any other

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Little Miss Southern Love


Allyson said...

Love them! They turned out so great. I've just started thinking about engagement photos, but I am already browsing pinterest!


Sarah said...

Your pictures turned out great! I love the idea of using the chalkboard! Adorable!!

Lauren said...

I love your pics! your DIYs are so cute!

Elizabeth said...

I love every single one of these! They are such fun additions to your pics and make them so perfectly yours! So glad you shared and linked up this week!! xo

Emily said...

The photos turned out great! I LOVE the burlap banner, such a cute idea! I will have to keep this post in mind for when my engagement photo day comes....whenever that is ;)

girl in a sundress said...

LOVE!!! love your outfits too! :) you look gorgeous and you both make a beautiful couple!

*Katie* said...

Your save the date pictures turned out so cute!!! Gotta love Pintrest!