Monday, July 9, 2012

Bevy's Lilly Pulitzer Themed Bridal Shower! [Picture Overload]

Beverly's shower was a huge pink and green success!
We held it on a Sunday at the end of March
and it was a beautiful day. The bridesmaids
and the bride's mother and grandmother
did most of the planning. It was held at
her grandmothers house. Our theme was
Lilly Pulitzer.. if you can't tell. :)

Mason jar candles were handed out as favors.

Pink and green gifts galore! 

I managed to hunt down about 50 or so boxes of these
beauties just in time!

Cupcakes inspired by the Hotty Pink First
Impression print which was also the theme of the 

The bridesmaids at the shower.

The bride and her cousin.

The bride and Matron of honor!

The Bride and Maid of honor.

The Bride and myself.

The Bride and her little!

The bride and a friend.

Bride & Mama.

My mama & I.



The meal was all the brides favorites.. Chicken, pasta alfredo, 
and broccoli. 
The brides grandmother hired a magician for entertainment..
and boy was he entertaining! We are still trying to figure 
out his tricks.

Lots of presents showering the bride to be!

 Monogrammed towels!

 This has been deemed the shower of the crock pots..
I think the bride received 4 total? Ohh Bed, bath and

 The brides gift from her bridesmaids!
Her pink mixer!

 ohhh traditions!

 The winners of the toilet paper dress contest!

This shower for one of my best friends was
such a joy to help plan and to be apart of.
I don't think it possibly could have turned out any better!
Wishing Beverly & MK all the best!
Wedding post coming soon!


Little Miss Southern Love


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! This shower was beyond adorable! I am loving all the Lilly!!! The mason jars are adorable and I'm super impressed you were able to find so many boxes of animal crackers. I am wearing the same dress Beverly is wearing to my bridesmaids luncheon. You'll have to link this up for BTT tomorrow. I keep hoping she'll make a return to blogger and give us a wedding recap!

Caitlin C. said...

I have never seen such a BEAUTIFUL shower! Lilly Pulitzer galore... it's like Heaven! Beverly looks gorgeous, it seems like y'all had a blast! :)

Allyson Butler said...

Such a cute shower!

so anthro said...

So, so adorable! Dying to throw a Lilly party now. You all look lovely, and this is so perfectly themed for you both!!

Claire said...

LOVE the animal crackers and mason jars! I'll have to show this to whomever will be planning my shower because at least one of them WILL be Lilly :)xoxo

Anna said...

This is the cutest shower I've ever seen!

Mrs. Bear said...

This is brilliant.

Christening Invitations said...

OMG This is aweesssommee! I love it. It looks like you guys had massive amounts of FUN! :D :D :D :D

stevenjared0853 said...

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