Monday, June 11, 2012

Lilly Rose- The new addition.

A few weeks ago my mom decided 
that with Daisy & I leaving soon she needed
a new puppy! And so the hunt began.
My mom knew she wanted a poodle mix
because Daisy is a shih-tzu/poodle 
and is such a great dog. We looked at 
a few liters of puppies from breeders
locally that were malti-poos and shih-poos
and really didn't see any we liked all
that much. Then one day we decided
to stop in a local pet store (yes, I know, me- the
girl who is SO anti-pet store puppy buying) to 
look around. Once I spotted her I knew there
was no way we could go home without
her. I immediately asked to see 
her and we had her in the little play area
for probably about an hour.. she
is the sweetest little thing and has
the cutest personality ever! We love her
so much already. She is a peka-poo. 
Which is half pekingese and half poodle.
Ohh how I love poodle mixes!!

 Her and Daisy have become best friends.

The name Lilly had been in my head for the next puppy..
after Lilly Pulitzer of course! And my little brother's teacher
had just had a baby who she named Lilly Rose.. and little
[ND] thought it would be so appropriate for our new puppy
to have the same name! 

She is such a sweet addition to our family 
and has fit in so nicely. Now the problem will be
separating her and Daisy when our house is finished
at the end of next month... ya! I said that.. moving
at the end of next month already! Yay!


Little Miss Southern Love


~Katie said...

She is absolutely precious! And so exciting that your house is almost done!

Sweet, Pink, and Preppy said...

So cute!!! I bet you are getting so excited about moving into the house soon!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

how precious!! we are thinking about getting another small dog too and I just love any dog that is a poddle mix they're just so cute and fluffy ha :)

Steel Magnolia said...

What a little fluffer-muffin!! Adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness!! So precious! I'm sure she and Daisy can still have lots of play dates. So exciting about your house!!!

Bella Michelle said...

Oh my stars, she is precious!!!!!

Bella Michelle said...

Oh my stars, she is precious!!!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh my goodnessssss! She is precious! Congrats! :)