Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gonna catch all the fish.. gonna drink all the beer.

It's no secret [KP] and I love to fish
together.. if you need a refresher about
exactly how much fishing means
to us check out my post about where
we got engaged here.

 Summer time in Florida means a few
things... great weather 
and great fishing! I jump on any
opportunity to go fishing especially
with my wonderful fiance`.. and this
trip we also brought along my brother
[BR] and his girlfriend [MH].

 This trip was also particularly fun because
I got to play with my new camera.. I recently
upgraded my old Canon Rebel to
the new Rebel T3i and I love it! 
It even shoots HD video.. [KP]
is already planning for me to shoot
his own little mini fishing shows! haha.

 Love this shot.. he prouds himself
on his sweet cast net throwing skills.

 It's not a great day of fishing without a cold BL! 

 Love him :)

 Why yes, I did catch the first fish of the day! 

 [MH] and her redfish!

 My brother [BR] and [MH] with her fish.

loved all the spots on this one!

We had a great day fishing on the water. There is 
not much I would rather be doing than fishing 
and getting some sun on the boat in the summer! Luckily
I have a great fiance` who loves taking me :)

Anyone else fish a lot during the summer?


Little Miss Southern Love


Janna said...

We do! B is already getting all his things together for when we head to Boca Grande which means a strip or two to Bass Pro! :)

Caitlin C. said...

What a freakin' CUTE picture of you and your fish!! Looks like so much fun... esp with a few BLs!

Allyson Butler said...

How fun!