Monday, October 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

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1. I am SO thankful for this girl! 
Beverly (I know she just announced her first name
on the bloggy so I can call her that on here now!)
has been a serious lifesaver lately. She 
drove all the way to the other coast (boca)
with me on Saturday to go to a few dress shops.
And I did find two dresses I really love :)
Anyways- So glad to have her!

2. I am dying for this Lilly Pulitzer recipe
card holder pictured below. I told [KP]'s mom
that I really want this monogrammed
box filled with her recipes! 

3. Also, I'm still loving Pinterest. 
I have been finding so many great 
wedding ideas like the one pictured
It's fish bowls stacked on top of each
other with flowers in the bottom of the bowls.
LOVE! Totally fits with our nautical theme
and still looks cool.

4. My fiance' has been so sweet lately! 
I got these sweet pink roses the other day
just because :) And he used some of my 
stationary to write me a little note.

5. I really love this LP fabric
monogrammed camera strap.
My mom was telling me the other
day that my step-dad wants a new Nikon.
Which means that I'm hoping to have his old
D70 handed down to me. 
My Canon Rebel was a '07 HS grad
gift from my dad and though I love it 
and it was a great starter D-SLR
I would LOVE to use the D70. 
I've borrowed it from him a few times
and it's just hands down a nicer camera.
So of course I need this new LP strap for it!

6. So I've started doing full foils again to prepare
my hair for the wedding. It was all one color blonde
but both my stylist and I feel the high and lowlights
will add some differentiation when it's pulled up 
for the wedding. And yes, that's a PSL :)

Not sure if you can tell the difference.. but I sure
can! Much better and warmer.

7. My little daisy girl loves her dad. And I have
to admit she probably loves him way more than
she loves me. I mean of course I'll always be
her mom but she just loves snuggling with him
so much! 

8. I posted on Re-lilly last week in a panic because
of course we were out shopping and [KP] sees a 
girl wearing this Lilly dress and says it's one of
the best ones he has seen and wonders why I don't
have it. I was thinking you have
This dress was on sale during the ESS but luckily 
the ladies of Re-lilly save the day again
and I found my dress at an LP corporate
store in Texas. On sale! I was a happy girl :)

9. Loving that it was cool enough (like 74 degrees-
don't judge! I'm a FL girl.) to wear my first murfee
of fall! [KP] was super embarrassed that I 
was already breaking out the scarves
and I had to explain to him that this scarf was more
for decoration than for keeping warm. He didn't
quite understand! haha.

10. Here's some pictures of Daisy's latest adventures.
Of course lounging on the couch with her dad 
is a daily must. And this crazy position warranted 
a funny picture.

She also got to go on a little shopping
trip last weekend! It was cool enough for
her to go even despite the fact that she is panting 
from walking. Lazy!

She also went with us to Joann's to pickup 
some wedding DIY things. And she loved
hanging out of the cart like this.
She was the main attraction in the store that

Hope you enjoyed my Miscellany Monday!
And I finally got the engagement video to upload
on Youtube for Bridal Talk Tuesday tomorrow.
So stay tuned for that!

Little Miss Southern Love


Portuguese Prepster said...

your doggie is such a cutie!!! I've been sporting that same murfee quite a bit lately!

carissa said...

your hair looks so pretty! i think pinterest has got to be the best help for planning a wedding. i wish it was around 7 years ago for mine. love that idea you found!

Summer Wind said...

Gorgeous flowers!!! You are a lucky lady!!

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Aww you are so sweet! What are besties for!? I had a BLAST wedding dress shopping and cannot wait for the big trip with everyone! KP is so very nice surprising you with flowers. Love youuuu xoxo

Heather said...

oh my dog loves my husband WAY more than me. what kind of dog is she? i have a lhasa/shih tzu mix. she looks similar.