Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Linking up for my first Thankful Thursday with

Soo thankful for my sweet fiance' [KP].
He has definitely been super supportive through
everything I've been trying to juggle lately.
Wedding planning, me trying to finish
school, him working full time, and
now me trying to complete 180 hours of
preceptorship with a nurse
doesn't leave much time for the quality
'us' time but somehow every week we
manage to squeeze some in.
Like this week.. we went golfing
at the new golf & country club where
[KP] works. So fun to go out and watch
him golf. We even saw tons of wildlife.
Even if I did read my book on the
Ipad almost the entire time I still had a
great time. And the weather was fantastic!

This is a picture from my graduation
 dinner which I promise
I will be blogging about soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week :)

Little Miss Southern Love


Cassie said...

You sound like me! I would have been reading the whole time too! I am terrible at golf!!

Amanda said...

Such a good looking couple! ;) What are you reading? I need some new books!