Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girls hunt too!

So this past weekend was the opening of dove season
here in Southwest Florida.
We always hunt on Sundays around
4:00. It was pretty good weather for the first day
but it could have been a little cooler! 

Wore my camo crocs to the farm and then 
changed into my boots once we got there.

We hunt in farm fields that are part 
of a growing company that my family is a part 
of. We always hunt in fields that have already
been harvested and burned. The birds like to fly
down and come lay in these fields to eat the seeds
left over.

[KP] obviously super excited to get shooting!

he was starting to get annoyed with me taking
pictures of him! hah.

 Didn't do my best this weekend but I did kill
a few. Since I don't shoot as much as I should
it's always hard to get back into it.

 [KP] said the birds weren't flying near us because 
they could see my bright pink camo gun case! hah.
Therefore I earned the nickname "Scarecrow".

 Got a tad bored when they weren't flying!

This is an otter! I know it's hard to see. 

We had such a fun weekend and [KP] got
his limit in just a few hours. I on the other hand
need some more practice to kill as many
as I did last year. 
I love hunting and it's such a fun thing 
to do with my fiance' that we both enjoy.

Any of you ladies like hunting?

Little Miss Southern Love


-Crystal said...

I love this post! you can totally rick those camo crocs!

Cassie said...

I'm a hunter! This weekend is opening weekend of muzzeloading in Arkansas for deer season! Glad to know there's another female hunter out there! Dove hunting is fun! It's not too cold!

Annie said...

Umm that is awesome that you go with him! You go girl!

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Great pictures! Looks like y'all has so much fun!! You are so cute in every pic!
<3 love you!

Amanda said...

I have never shot a gun. Therefore, I have never hunted either. But I've always been curious about what it's like. I also really like your pink camo case, so I'm going to ignore the scarecrow nickname ;)