Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Bridesmaids Dresses

Linking up with Elizabeth this week over
at Life with Elizabeth for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Well I had a few Bridal Talk glitches today.
I had planned on sharing our engagement 
video with you this week but apparently 
my file is too large for almost all hosting
sites and I finally downsized, got it 
on youtube and it has said "The video is 
currently processing, please check back in a few 
minutes" for the last HOUR. 
So I promise that this video will at some point
make an appearance on Bridal Talk Tuesday,
just not this Tuesday.

This week I am going to share some of 
my top bridesmaid dress choices. 
Some of my maids and I are making a trip over
to Aventura next month to visit the Jcrew store 
(and also to attend EIGHT Bridal Dress Consult appointments)
in the Aventura mall to meet with a bridal specialist. 

I have been admiring the dresses on the Jcrew site
ever since we got engaged and I really
hope I love some of them as much 
in person as I do online. 

I also hope a certain style sticks out to me
and that my girls will give some input
with this because honestly I love all of 
these right now.

 Selma dress in Dark Pacific in Silk Taffeta
found here.
 Blakely dress in Dark Pacific in Silk Taffeta
found here.
 Mika dress in Dark Pacific in Silk Taffeta
found here.
 Bow monde dress in Dark Pacific in
Silk Taffeta found here.
 Arabella dress in Newport Navy in 
Silk Chiffon found here.
 Mollie dress in Dark Navy in Cotton
Taffeta found here.
Gabby dress in Dark Navy in Cotton
Taffeta found here.

I know these are kinda hard to see and
aere much better in person and in daylight for that
matter but I wanted to try to give you a better example 
of the colors.
 These are the swatches that the fabulous consultant 
from Jcrew sent me. So far I'm super impressed
with their customer service.

I like all of the colors and I think it is going to be 
really hard to choose between them. Hopefully
my amazing bridesmaids will help with this. 
I also need to take them into Jos A. Bank to try and match
them up with the men's jackets before we head 
over for our appointment next month.

What do you guys think of these dresses 
and the swatches?
Which one is your favorite?

I hope you enjoyed my link up 
this week!

Little Miss Southern Love


Elizabeth said...

Loving the Arabella and the Bow Monde dresses - I'm actually dying for the Bow Monde in pink for myself! Love J Crew! xoxo

Claire said...

I'm in love with both the second dress and the last dress!!!! Navy is such a cute choice!

Annie said...

I have the bow monde dress in caspian blue and I get SO many compliments on it. All of your choices are classy and I don't think you can go wrong!

Hailey said...

My bridesmaids are wearing the 2nd dress in the Dark Pacific :)

We actually went to J.Crew bridal and they were able to try on the dresses, it helped so much. Every dress looks completely different in person.

~Katie said...

Love the Blakely dress! I've been to a wedding where they wore those dresses, and they looked so classy!

And definitely agree with Hailey, everything looks completely different in person.

Amanda said...

I think the Mollie dress is my favorite, but I kind of like them all. I can see why you'll have a hard time choosing... Are you planning an NYC trip to wedding dress shop? If so, let me know so you, me and Elizabeth can meet in real life! :)

Sole Matters said...

Arabella dress, Selma dress then Gabby dress. I would take into consideration the cotton of the Gabby dress and how it will look, and what kind of wedding you want. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with the Bow Monde dress, I wanted to wear it in lilac to my graduation, but the J Crew saleswoman talked me out of it and assured me it really was only appropriate for weddings haha. Love all of those navys though!

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Seriously they are all SO CUTE! I don't know how you are going to decide! Cannot wait for the road trip! (: love youuuuu!

Portuguese Prepster said...

At my recent sorority's parents formal I saw girls sporting each one of these dresses and they all are gorgeous!