Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Wedding Shoes!

Linking up again this week with Elizabeth
from Life with Elizabeth for Bridal Talk 

Soo lets talk Wedding Shoes. 
At first I wasn't sure what I would wear...
obviously not heels if we are having a beach
ceremony. Well we aren't having a beach ceremony 
anymore. More on that on a different Bridal Talk Tuesday.
So now I had a lot more shoe options available to me...
Then I saw these babies: 

    Source: katespade.com via KLR on Pinterest
            Yes, I know.
        Fabulous, right?!?
        So of course I had to have these. 
           And they are the most perfect navy color! 
              So of course like any good bride I searched
high and low for something better
and found nothing.
         So I knew these were the shoes.
       And I wasn't about to pass them by
         because I always do that and then
I can't ever find what I wanted when
it comes time to buy it. 
        So while mommy and I were out shopping today
                I drug her to the Kate Spade store
    and she of course loved them too! 
                So that was that. 

   Of course I will most likely need
  to supply these to myself, my maids
                 and wedding guests so they don't sink into the grass!

                                      Source: thesolemates.com via Jen on Pinterest

                         These things are called Sole Mates and I think they
           are absolutely genius! 
               Everyone has dealt with ruining shoes
               because they have soil all over them. 
                                    Not fun!                                     
    What do you guys think?

        Little Miss Southern Love

P.S. I hate when you embed pins
from Pinterest and it makes the spacing 
all weird!! GRR.


Suze said...

Yes those sole mates will be life savers. Not only did my heels sank while standing outside at my sisters ceremony they broke too! One shoe did. It's all on video. I collapse at last row of people and I could tell I was going down and groomsman that I walked with thought I was kidding. Nope. So yes you are an awesome bride for getting those things for clean heels etc :) Totally wish my sis knew this 6 years ago ;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE them! They are perfect with all the details youve shared about your wedding. So glad you went ahead and got them - I hate when you see something perfect and then it's gone when you return to purchase it. The Sole Mates are genius. I've never seen them before but I'm seriously going to order some right now!


Janna said...

Those are perfect! I had wanted a pair of navy sparkly shoes and couldn't find them. I ended up finding a similar shoe to what I wanted by Nina Shoes in a gunmetal sparkle.

Claire said...

The little thing on the heel is amazing- never even knew that existed! Those shoes look absolutely gorgeous! I'm seriously considering wearing my cowboy boots under my dress for my reception (right, for the wedding that doesn't exist yet, but a girl can plan right!)

Carolina On My Mind said...

These are perfect!!! Our wedding is navy with some ivory and green so these heels would be ideal! I just found my dress last week and would love to find a bow on my shoes too! ;) I'm definitely going to have to check these out!

natasha {schue love} said...

I've never seen little thingies for your heels...what a clever idea!! :)

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding shoes! They are perfect for your BIG DAY!!! Soooo glad you got them! No worries now the shoes are yours & soon THE PERFECT WEDDING DRESS! Hooray! <3

Amanda said...

LOVEEEE the shoes! If you remember, way back when, I bought the rainbow version of those :) They are surprisingly super comfortable too, even if I bought a half size down.