Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer Lake June Trip

I am SO behind on some of my Summer blog posts
and I forgot to post about the trip we took
to my aunt and uncle's lake house on Lake June
right after I got back from Alaska.
Since [KP] didn't get to go to Alaska
we wanted to get away and spend some
time together being engaged after I got back.
We also took my aunt and uncle's frenchie, Chloe Pearl
with us to hangout with Daisy.

 She is such a snuggly baby.

 This is what they did for most of the trip!

 I LOVE the way she sleeps. So cute.

 We did a lot of laying on the dock all weekend! 

 Daisy and I laying on the tube.

 Chloe Pearl loves giving kisses!

 And [KP] loves puppy kisses.

 love these ears!

 Beautiful lake sunsets!

 Daisy HATES swimming. But I like to test her
skills every now and then to make sure
she doesn't forget how to swim to the steps.

I love Chloe Pearl and [KP] and I have decided that 
we definitely want a french bulldog at some point. 
They are the best dogs!

Just wanted to blog about this little lake trip before 
we were completely surrounded by Fall. 
I will be updating on my Graduation and other
summer events coming up also!

Check back for Bridal Talk Tuesday tomorrow!

Little Miss Southern Love


♡ BSA said...

aww cute pics! (: You look so great!! I love how I know the face KP makes when he accepts doggy kisses! lol Looks like a lot of fun!

Gracie Beth said...

Precious! Love her!

Miss Lindsay said...

Ahhh what cute pups!!!

~Katie said...

Looks like a great trip! The puppies are so cute!!

Kendra said...

I have a frenchie and she is honestly the best dog I have ever had. Not only is she so adorable in everything she does, but she is so playful and LOVES to cuddle!

Posh Peach said...

So great that you got some time together to celebrate! Cute pics.

Amanda said...

This is my kind of weekend, Kyndra! Glad you two got some alone time and to relax with the pups :) (even though this was all the way back in the summer time.)

Claire said...

OH MY GOOOOOOOODNESS HOW DID I MISS THIS????? I WANT ONE SOOO BADLY! Glad to know someone else loves them as much as I do!!! Holding the one in my picture the other day was like the best thing ever!!!!!!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

what cute pups! love your bathing suit too!