Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer New Years Cheer Sale!

I was bad.. Very bad!
Soo beverly & I planned out our wish lists a few
hours before the sale started (as always) and I have
to say that I did stick to my list but my list may have been
a tad too long! I wanted a lot of items and I ended
up finding most of them for great prices! Add in some
christmas money and a few gifts from my mom and you
get the items below.

 The Raquel dress-  Starry blue fallin' in love. $59
I wanted a few more casual dresses and
skirts and this dress is SO cute on! 

 Resort Chic Wedges- True Navy Ostrich. $99
These were a last minute add on- and so
glad I decided to get them! 
And for 50% off how could I resist?!

 Avery skirt- classic white fallin' in love. $39
This skirt is also so cute on! and for $39 it 
was a super steal! 

 Cissy skirt- Cameo white Thrill of the chaise $29
This was one of my LP.com purchases. Wasn't sure
about the print of this skirt but for $29 I thought.. why not. Well
I was so surprised at how cute it actually was when it
arrived at the door. Love Cissy skirts! They are by far
my favorite Lilly skirt.

Sail Away Cuff- True Navy $29
This is probably the purchase I love the most!  
It has three anchors navy, white and coral. And it
looks adorable with just about anything! I've been
wearing it a lot!

 What a Catch Necklace- $24 
While pre-shopping for this sale KP spotted
this necklace and told me if I was to buy anything
it had to be this necklace. Isn't it so cute? It also has a little
fish hanging beside the hook. There are very few Lilly
things KP will actually admit he likes and coincidentally
they all have fish or anchors on them. So this
had to join my jewelry box! 

 Bernadette dress- bright navy $84
I wasn't too sure about this dress when I first
ordered it. Then it came in the mail and I fell in
love. The stitching looks so plain in the picture above
when really it is the most beautiful gold in person.
I wore it to a wedding last weekend that
I will be posting pictures of soon!

 Eryn dress- Bright navy wrapping stripe $149
This was one of my must haves that
I was going to pay whatever price just to have. I told beverly I 
might give up my first-born for this dress! (just kidding)
but seriously I love this dress! I would make it my bridesmaids
dress if I wasn't afraid the stripes might be too much.

 Bow Tie Clutch- True Navy grosgrain bow $51
This matches so well with all the navy Lilly above, 
including the wedges and 
with the belt below.

 Skinny bow belt- metallic grosgrain bow $19
I was accidentally sent the other skinny bow
belt without the metal bow in the black friday sale
so I was determined to find this belt in this sale.

 Blossom dress- swizzle stripe $89
This dress is beautiful in person and I am
SO glad I bought it when I did because some stores 
didn't mark it down nearly as cheap as I found it for.

 Eryn dress- Multi Chorus girl $59
I love this print and now I love this style dress!

Cissy skirt- Clip dot cherry begonias $29
This was my other only LP.com purchase.
I bought a lot at midnight and didn't really have
much left over by the time the LP online sale went live
around 8:30am. Which was a good thing because I ended
up saving more money by buying the night before
because some of the items I purchased weren't as cheap on LP.com
as they were elsewhere.

I have seen many other ladies post their finds from this sale
but if you still haven't posted yours I would love to see! 


Little Miss Southern Love


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Oh what great finds...I wish I would have ordered that Bow Belt! I was very good and ended up getting a cotton summer top and a baby gift for a friend's shower next month! xx

Annie said...

Wow you got a ton of great things! I got a few tops and two shift dresses! Great prices!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness girl you did so well!! I lost everything in my shopping cart within five minutes-- Lilly lovers move so fast and I was not paying good enough attention! LOVE the jewelry you snagged especially.

shay said...

cute stuff! love the nautical bracelet!

Amanda said...

You and I have VERY similar taste! Love what you picked out! Wishing I hadn't taken January off from shopping so I could have scooped up some good deals like you!