Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Wedding Gowns

Linking up with Elizabeth at Life with Elizabeth again today for
Bridal Talk Tuesday!

I have taken the wonderful advice given to me
by my lovely engaged friends and I have been browsing
different bridal gown websites.
Since I will most likely be going to Kleinfelds sometime
this fall their website has been one 
of the ones I have searched through the most.
All of the others have been found on different wedding blogs such as

 This is a Jorge Manuel gown. I think
it would be simply perfect for our Florida beachside ceremony.

 This dress is Modern Trousseau
I also am loving the eyelet design on this one.

 This dress is Modern Trousseau
These dresses are not carried locally
and I would have to go to Miami to try them on.

 Love the name of this Modern Trousseau gown :)
I also am really loving lace.

 And again.. seriously love them all.

 This gown is also from their fall 2011 collection.

 Not sure where this dress is from. And also
not sure how I feel about the bottom. 
But, thought I would throw it in
to add something different.

 This dress.. ahhh.
This is probably one of my favorites.
This dress is from the beloved Lilly Pulitzer bridal collection.
And to my recent findings.. these dresses are carried at Kleinfelds.
I cannot wait to try this one on.

And this one is also LP. It's hard to see
the details in this dress in the photo. 
Also found at Kleinfelds

And also another LP gown. A differnt
shape than I thought I wanted but you never know..
I'll try it.
Also from Kleinfelds.

So speaking of Kleinfelds. I am about halfway through with my
application for Say Yes to the Dress. I know it is probably a
long shot but the response I get from everyone when I tell them
that I am going there to try and find my dress is
 "Are you going to be on the show?!"
 My mom and grandma encouraged me to fill out
the application just to see what happens. And so I am. 
I would love to get picked but we shall see :)
We are probably going to be going up there sometime this Fall.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Bridal Talk Tuesday! 

Let me know which dresses you guys like.. and any
suggestions from my other brides out there would
be greatly appreciated!

Little Miss Southern Love


Southern in the City said...

I love the Kendra and the second gown! So beautiful! What an exciting moment in your life! Cherish every second! :)

A Day in the Life... said...

LOVE these dresses... especially any one that has a sweet heart neckline... they are so flattering! :)

cAc said...

KYNDRA! I am IN LOOOOOOVE with the second and third ones (mostly the second)! I need to hurry up and get engaged so I can have that one for myself! I also love those Lilly gowns- how could you say no to a Lilly bridal gown!? I can't wait to (eventually) see what you pick- you'll look beautiful in any and all of those picks!

Elizabeth said...

I love all your pics! The fourth dress down is my favorite but I also really love that first Lilly dress. I saw it at a salon in Charlotte and didn't try it on but it was seriously ten times prettier that it is even in the picture. I know you'll pic a gorgeous dress!

TheSocialKnight said...

I love the A-line, eyelet wedding dresses the most. Very pretty and unconventional. Also, Lilly makes adorable eyelet dresses that that be great for bridesmaids. Have fun shopping around!

Lauren said...

your choices are beautiful! i used to work in wedding gown sales and all of these designers are going to be beautiful on you! can't wait to see more! congrats on your engagement as well! :)

~Courtney~ said...

Loving those Modern Trousseau gowns. I'm definitely seeing a theme with the Lace. Very elegant!
Good luck and I hope we'll be seeing you on 'Say Yes to the Dress'

Amanda said...

Um....I have no idea which one I like best. Is that bad?! Because they are all beautiful, and I know they are going to look gorgeous on you!

miss andrea lee said...

I absolutely love all your pics! So pretty!

♡ bAs said...

You are going to be a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!! I love the first & second one! Absolutely gorgeous!

Lolitha said...

All these wedding dresses were beautiful, each wedding dresses getting different style and elegant, without sleeve is today's trend most of the brides like this model and strap type of dresses one more important thing is every brides need affordable wedding dresses to wear.