Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving re-cap!

This Thanksgiving I went to TN with my family
but [KP] had to work so he had to stay home.
The first night that I arrived we went to our favorite
restaurant in Pigeon Forge called Huck Finn's
 and I tweeted this picture of
my favorite thing- Hushpuppies! Yum!

 This place is sooo good but sooo bad. I get catfish and
it's fried and delicious. 

 Mmmm. Peppermint Mocha's taste so much better
when it's actually cold outside.

 Little daisy snuggling in her carryon bag.

 It's a TN tradition that every time we go, we take an old time
photo. It's not my favorite tradition. But my parents love it.

 I think [KP] is glad he missed out on this one. 
He hates it way more than I do.

 Remember how I posted about my milk glass & blue mason
jars? Well my mom found this great old whiskey jug to
put by our fireplace!

 And the Thanksgiving madness begins.. This is
my caramel apple cake in the making.

My brother [BR] and Daisy!

 Mmmm. Caramel apple cake.

 It's a recipe from people magazine country edition.
I don't know if I would make it again.. it was just alright.

 The caramel sauce did not turn out very well. We had to 
fix it up a bit.

 My step-dad [CD] and Daisy!

 [CD] & Mommy [MD]
 Our turkey and homemade pumpkin pie!

 The boys getting ready to carve the turkey!

 Our crockpot cream corn. It is quite possibly my favorite
dish. Delish. And sooo totally awful for you.

 Papa carving the turkey. It's tradition.

 Daisy could smell that turkey as soon as
it came in the door. She was waiting for
a piece to fall on the floor. Of course she 
did happen to get a few pieces of dark meat
during the carving process.

 The spread.. Also those mashed potatoes are the best
in the entire world. Recipe courtesy of my future MIL.
Most of the recipes we use are hers. I need cooking
lessons from her before [KP] & I get married.

 Daisy got dark meat turkey and gravy.
She loved it! And had the same meal the next
two days in a row. Spoiled dog.

My Thanksgiving plate. Well.. at least the first plate.

 [ND] and his turkey leg. kid makes the funniest faces.

 Daisy in her usual spot. On Papa's lap while he does
Sudoku. Notice the girl blanket, hah.

 My Brother [BR] and his gf [MH].

 Daisy girl laying by the fire. I think she was cold.

 Our TN tree complete with cabin-like
ornaments. And Disney, of course.

 My garland project. 

 And the view.. yeah, it doesn't get much better than this!

I wish our trip lasted longer. I love TN and can't wait
to go back after Christmas!

 After we got home little Daisy girl needed a bath because
of a little accident that happened in her crate on the way 
home. Yeah, this has never happened before.

We went out for sushi for ND's birthday and had hibachi
and sushi at our favorite spot. Yum! We dominated all of that
sushi, by the way.

 [ND] and his birthday cake!

 Little man loved all the attention on him for his birthday.

I already told my brother he needs to keep [MH] around
because we share the same love for Lilly! Keeper, duh!

Hope everyone had a great week!

Little Miss Southern Love


Amanda said...

So many fun pictures! And I love how Daisy is in every other picture! I can't wait to get a dog!

Anonymous said...

totally agree about the peppermint mocha. =) and i just love your pup!

megs [at] Shine On

ms.composure said...

loving the pics!!! and daisy is so so so cute!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

What a fabulous Thanksgiving with the people you love! Daisy is so cute!