Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm a Nursing School Grad!

Well, like I said we graduated in August!
But I wanted to save blogging about it until I actually 
finished school.
Since the main campus for our school is on the
East coast of Florida we had to travel over
there for graduation! 
We also had a nice dinner the night 
before with just the nursing students from each 
campus. Then, graduation was the next day
at the Sunrise center. It was fun to graduate in
this arena since I have seen such great country
artists play here! (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill)

My BFF's [MK] and Beverly from
  Preppy Wife Preppy Life at the graduation dinner!

 [KP] & I at the graduation dinner!

Some of my fellow nursing students!

Beverly & I at the graduation dinner all
dressed up in our Lilly!

[KP] and I out on the patio as the sun was going down.

Beverly & [MK]

Then for the big moment..
Graduation day!

Beverly & [MK]!

Beverly & I!

Our super amazing Lilly graduation caps!
Separate post about them coming soon!

[KP] & I before graduation.

And my parents simply did not get any good pictures of 
the ceremony even with my super zoom lens because
it was way too dark and they had to sit very far away.

My mom [MD] & Step-dad [CD]

My Dad & I.

My mom and my mom's parents, Papa & Mimi.

All of the children. Notice the crazy one in the front
with the silly face.

My Step-mom [MR], Dad [RR] and Step-sister [SR]
and I.

This was almost our Christmas card.. but we had
to choose a picture from Alaska.

Hope you enjoyed my graduation re-cap!
It was a really fun day and we went out to dinner
at Grand Luxe Cafe (YUM!) afterwards.


Little Miss Southern Love


Emily said...

I love all the Lilly dresses and your cap - adorable!

xx Emily @

Shasta Anne said...

Congratulations! This was such a fun and pretty re-cap to read! You look adorable in every dress and the grad caps are the cutest I have ever seen!

miss andrea lee said...

Congrats! Love all the lilly and your grad cap is TDF!

Amanda said...

Congratulations!!! So proud of you! And all of these pictures are wonderful :)

soanthro said...

Aww congratulations! You girls look beautiful and I ADORE your hats!!

Claire said...

Congratulations! LOVE your cap!

TheSocialKnight said...

Congrats and I'm still overly obsessed with your and your friend's Lillyfied caps!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations!!! Love the Lilly dresses and the Lilly hats! Too cute!

sSe said...

Congratulations! and add me to the I-Love-Your-Lily- Cap club. I will be eagerly awaiting a tutorial for that!