Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts

Linking up with Elizabeth over
for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

I have finally asked all of my bridesmaids, 
junior bridesmaids, and flower girls so now I can
post about their gifts! 
I ordered the little wristlets from Marley Lilly and
the little cards were made by Melissa at Preppy 

 I choose the khaki with the navy monogram
since they are part of our colors.

 I absolutely ADORE the cards that Melissa
came up with. I totally just messaged her randomly and
asked if she could create something and she did a fantastic
job of creating exactly what I've been envisioning!

 My Maid of Honor's monogram. Funny story here: my
MOH got engaged like a week before I had planned to ask
everyone. Obviously I had no ideas this was coming.
I had a major panic attack the day after she got engaged
because I realized that I already had all these gifts monogrammed.
I frantically check Facebook and discover that her fiance' does
in fact have the same last name first initial as her... pheww!!

 Then after she picked her date which is almost exactly 
a month before mine I realize that she will no longer
be the maid of honor at my wedding but will in fact
be my second matron of honor. Oh well, I guess that's
what I get for planning so far in advance!

 I packaged up all the goodies in little bags from target 
to handout and ship.

 I asked my little sister and my cousin to be junior bridesmaids
with the same little wristlet.

 Cousin's wristlet.


 And of course I asked Beverly
from Preppy Wife Preppy Life to be my Matron of
Honor, since she will be married in April.

I think she was pretty surprised! :)

 And I asked the flower girls with Lilly Pulitzer
fabric covered headbands from Looking 4 Lilly
on Etsy! I have ordered headbands from 
here before and she does a fantastic job!
They are just too cute. I plan to give these 
to the little flower girls at Christmas!

 Aren't these so cute with the little fabric

And the lovely Kelly at Marley Lilly was even nice enough
to send me a monogrammed wristlet to match my girls! 
I love ML and totally recommend them for all monogrammed
gifts. Fantastic customer service and products!

Hope you enjoyed this week's Bridal Talk Tuesday!


Little Miss Southern Love


Annie said...

Those all turned out super cute!

natasha {schue love} said...

The wristlets are super cute!! Love them! And your colors look similar to ours...so classy! :)

Elizabeth said...

These all turned out super cute! I love the lilly headbands and the notecards. Marley Lilly is amazing - just ordered Christmas gifts for my bridesmaids from them. The company is based out of the city where I used to live so now I have to have all my monogrammed gifts shipped!

Love how all of your gifts were personalized! Super cute!

Brittany said...

Love the monogrammed bags!

Claire said...

SUCH A SWEET IDEA! You're adorable! I have missed your blog! Not that I'm even engaged but asking my eventual bridesmaids to be in my wedding in a tasteful, cute way is already on my mind and this takes the cake!

Lindsey said...

This is such a cute idea!!
CONGRATULATIONS on graduation! I know the excitement is beyond words!! Best of luck in the job hunt, on boards, and the BRIGHT BRIGHT future you have ahead. I can not wait to read all about it!

sSe said...

This is such a great idea! I can't wait to see the rest of your wedding plans!

SHF said...

What a fun way to ask your friends to be in your wedding party! Who could say no to such an adorable monogrammed bag?


Amanda said...

Such cute gifts! And love the stories behind all these monograms!

Gifts for the bridesmaid said...

Love these! such a great gift idea! They have been fabulous for wedding related gifts. thanks!!!