Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie this week at This kind of love 
for What I'm loving Wednesday!

1. Loving my sweet Daisy girl as always. Except she 
needs a haircut and she must be starting to hate
my laptop because every night at this time I am
sitting in the same spot on the couch blogging or studying
and she comes and stands in front of me and barks. 
No, she doesn't need to potty and has plenty of water.
She hates my laptop! I've finally figure it out. haha.
She is obviously spoiled and wants all the attention.

2. Also loving this guy and the way my little Daisy
loves him so much!

3. Loving my new car! I got it a few weeks ago
and it's simply amazing. After being rear-ended in
my other Lexus car I was definitely ready to upgrade
to an SUV.

4. Also loving the delicious Norman Love chocolates that
come with purchasing a new car! And this car is actually in
my name! So I actually own something in the world. 
And it feels amazing.

5. Also loving that I finally got my goodies from the Pea Pod
announcements sale a while back. The umbrella is probably
the best items out of all of these. It has been raining so much
here and it has definitely come in handy!

6. I love Shutterfly! Because we order so much stuff from here
I recently got this email to make a free photo book! I just got
it the other day and I made it about our Engagement. I'll 
post some pictures of it soon.

7. BSA from Preppy Wife Preppy Life and I were at Moes
 the other day and I noticed these new stickers on the Iced Tea 
containers. Amazing! The one on the left reads Southern Tea 
(if you couldn't tell). This makes me love Moe's even more.

8. Also loving my graduation cap! BSA from Preppy Wife Preppy Life
and I made ours together the week before graduation. (Which
I still have yet to post about!). We used Lilly Pulitzer fabric and 
iron-on monograms and I think they turned out just fabulous!
Check back to both of our blogs for posts about graduation 
and how we made these caps! We are even considering 
doing a vlog. What do ya'll think?

9. Also loving this app called Wall about you! It's a monogram
app where you can create your own backgrounds for your 
Iphone. It is $1.99 (I think) but I assure you it is worth it :)
I have also been testing some out with my new monogram.

I hope you enjoyed my post of randoms this week.
Tomorrow I am going dress shopping again with 
of course my BFF BSA from Preppy Wife Preppy Life
I'll let you know what we find.
Also we are going to Tallahassee this weekend 
to see our favorite newlyweds The Duke and his Duchess!
Have a great week girls!

Little Miss Southern Love


Jess said...

Your loving so many great things!! I LOVE the new car, girl and the picture of your puppy is so cute! You'll have to take her out for a spin in your new ride!

Anonymous said...

Little Miss Daisy is too cute! I also really love the Lilly umbrella.


Elizabeth said...

I have that same Lilly umbrella and I love it! Your new car is fabulous and Little Miss Daisy is precious! xoxo

~Katie said...

Love your new car and the Lilly goodies! Just downloaded that app too, and I am obsessed with it!!

Claire said...

LOVE all these things! Can I have your car please?

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Wowee--you look great with that hot new car!