Monday, September 26, 2011

Alaska- Day 7 & 8: Ketchikan & The last day at sea

On Day 7 we stopped in Ketchikan for the day
and the first thing on our agenda was 
The Great Alaskan Lumberjack show!
Since my Papa and my Uncle own a timber company
and are technically "lumberjacks" it was a really
fun show for our family to go watch.

They divided up the lumberjacks into two teams 
one being the US and the other Canada.
We were on the Canadian side.

Our teams members are in the red plaid shirts.

After each round- the winning side got a sliver
of a tree to keep to keep score.

[ND] also got called up to take home this cute little chair.
1 hour in line at the post office, $25 to ship home, and
4 weeks where a little boy checked the door everyday to 
see if it was there. 

Then we took a trolley tour of Ketchikan. 

And stopped to see these awesome 
hand carved totem poles!

This is another old brothel. Told you they were everywhere.

The kiddos all rockin' the True Religions.


Day 8- We spent the whole day at sea traveling 
to Vancouver to get off the ship!

Because our server loved us, we were selected to do a private
kitchen tour on the last day at sea!

mhmmm.. Baked Alaska. Yum!

[ND] in his talent show at the kids club.

Ice carver!

We failed majorly at Michael Jackson trivia.. We were cheating
a tad and looking up songs on the Ipad.

BINGO! And that's my BINGO slam drink.
Now I realize why it's called that because it was so 
strong I could hardly concentrate on the BINGO numbers.

The fam playing BINGO!

And.. Dinner on the last night! 
It was so sad to get off the ship but I was super excited to go 
to Seattle since I've always wanted to go.

I'll update you on that later in the week.
Tomorrow I will be posting for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Little Miss Southern Love

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♡ BSA said...

Ketchikan was so fun! I love the family picture under the sign! It is a great landmark that I remember well. haha ND & his chair! adorable. Little cutie always checking for his chair!!