Friday, September 16, 2011

Alaska Day 6: Icy Strait Point

This post is about Day 6 of my Alaskan Cruise and 
on this day we stopped in Icy Strait Point. 
I loved this day and you will find out exactly why later
on in the post.


Our ship.

Yum. This little shack had some really good chowder.

Box wine at 11am? Why not?

The boys waiting in line to rent their fishing gear.

I loved all these buoys and traps. I wanted to take them all 
back to FL to use for our wedding.

I have no idea what this was but it's all they caught. 

I think this was also some sort of sea star/starfish.

I absolutely fell in love with whales while in Alaska.
I bought this really adorable
whale pendant with daisies on it to wear on one of my chains.
They are amazing creatures.

Heading out to go whale watching and we were getting excited
when we started to see whales in the distance!

Humpback whales!

My zoom lenses came in really handy on this day :)

My favorite part was seeing air shooting up out of the 
water from their blowholes.


This little guy was so cute :) 
I feel like Daisy sits in this exact position sometimes.

This day was so fun and everyone in our family
had an awesome time whale watching.
It was easily one of our favorite excursions!
If you are ever thinking about cruising Alaska
I highly recommend going whale watching.

The last two post of my vacation are coming soon,
Ketchican and Seattle! I hope your enjoying.

Little Miss Southern Love


Miss Independent said...

wow, i've never seen whales before, thats so cool!

Claire said...

Jealous you got to see whales!!! I wish they could just be off the Virginia/Carolina beaches so I wouldn't have to travel that far to see them. I guess I'll take the dolphins instead...

Mary and Dyer said...

omg i am so jealous that you are on an alaskan cruise! I have always wanted to do that, it looks so beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

sSe said...

This cruise seems like such a wonderful trip. Whalewatching is one of the coolest things to see, so it's awesome you got such wonderful pictures!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I'm so jealous--so many cute critters!