Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Groom & Groomsman outfits

Linking up today for Bridal Talk Tuesday again
today with Elizabeth from Life with Elizabeth!

This post is about [KP] and our groomsman's
outfits. While we were shopping 
a few weeks ago we stopped in Jos. A. Banks
because they were having a huge sale.
I started talking to one of the sales associates about
if they rented suits (they don't) and he mentioned
that it might be cheaper or a little more to just
have our guys buy the whole outfits
instead of renting.
They were having their buy 1 get 2 free sale 
and we calculated all of these pieces to be a little over
two hundred dollars.
And yes- that includes a Navy Blazer, white shirt,
khaki dress pants and tie. (Even though we will
most likely buy the ties for the guys as gifts)
And the guy wrote down the sale prices on 
a business card so I can get the same prices 
when we are ready to buy our stuff!
This was by far the easiest part of the planning
so far. It all goes together so well!
And [KP] is wearing an awesome
navy suit that he got a few weeks ago
for a job interview. So he will be in all navy 
and our other guys will be in this:

Striped tie.

Navy blazer, tie and khaki dress pants. (Not khaki
cotton pants- KP was very picky about this, haha!)


Ignore the purple tie- but in this picture I put a different 
tie. This one doesn't have white stripes separating each
navy and green stripe. Which one do you like better?
Love them both.

 So this is the look we love!

And the whole idea is for it to look similar to this:

But of course [KP] wants to be in all navy instead
of all khaki. Which is fine with me. I just love this look!
I also love that most of the guys are wearing sperry's!
I'm thinking were going to do that also.
I think that our guys should be allowed to wear their own
shoes as long as they are clean and brown and not all scuffed.
[KP] on the other hand wants them all to have matching shoes.
But all of our guys have sperry's. So we will see who wins. haha!

What do you ladies think?
Which tie do you like?
Mismatched shoes or all matching shoes?

If only picking out my dress was this easy!
Unfortunately no luck dress shopping the other day.
But I am positive I will find 'the one' :)

Little Miss Southern Love


Suze said...

I can't decide on ties, I vote for mismatched sperrys! Suit is def way to go by going ahead and buying!

I know a bride who found her dress at a brides against breast cancer show! Go google it and check it out! I think you'd be pleased :) they'll be in Florida too!

Carolina On My Mind said...

I personally like the tie that has a white stripe between the navy and green. Also, I would prefer all the same shoes just because I like the uniformity, but if the guys don't all have the same shoes, then it looks fine if they are different.

Elizabeth said...

I like both of the ties! But something about the one with just the navy and green really sticks out to me. I like the idea of matching shoes and those will look great in photos but your guys will be so much more comfortable dancing the night away in their own Sperry's. Some of them might be willing to buy a nice, new pair since they're so practical. Perfect for a beach wedding as well! xoxo

Anonymous said...

So precious!! Hmm not sure which tie but I LOVE the idea of the guys wearing Sperrys! You're going to have the perfect dress, it'd be too easy if one popped out right away right?? :)

Ashley Brooke said...

that is a really cute idea! i wish i had thought of going there when we were picking out our groomsen's outfits!

Claire said...

Cute!!!!! Loving the color choice too! I feel like if you're letting the girls do different shoes (not sure if you are) but if you are then I don't see the harm in allowing the boys to do the same thing as long as they're semi-uniform! Can't wait to see the end result!

Morgan Graff said...

I like the tie with the white stripes in between, and mis-matched sperrys to an extent, as long as they are all the same brown color (dark brown, light brown, etc.) I love your color palette for your wedding. I'm getting married this upcoming June and we are doing Navy Blue and Hot Pink. Also do you know where you got that picture of the whole bridal party wearing navy and khaki from?? I love it and would love to see more pictures from it.


♡ bAs said...

So cute!! I love this!
1. I went with MK to Jos. A Bank the other day and ordered the suits for all of the groomsmen buy 1 get 2 free too!
2. I like the tie with the white in between the navy and green.
3. I feel the same about the shoes as you do, but Mk and KP have the same idea. haha We will see. I really think that mismatched would look good. I think giving them a guideline on what color brown might be good.

Love itttt<3

Amanda said...

I love this look too! And I think he'll look great in all navy :) EEE I love how it's all coming together!

sSe said...

This all sounds like a great idea. Navy and khaki are such classic colors, and ones that certainly will stay beautiful in years to come. I can't wait to hear more abou this wedding!