Wednesday, May 25, 2011

visit to palm beach!

During my recent break from nursing school, I went to the East Coast to visit my college
roomate [HE]. It turns out that [KP] had a baseball tournament in
Jupiter that week so it worked out really well.

[HE]'s sweet pug- peanut
& mastif- shorty! love them.

Of course I can't go more than a few days without fro-yo. This one was called Fro Yotopia and was pretty good.

[HE] also introduced me to these awesome Crayola window markers.
(Of course every future teacher should have these!)

Shorty enjoys blogging too!

Palm Beach Gardens mall just got a Vineyard Vines store!

And of course the Lilly Pulitzer store was on my must-visit list. They had some of the great new Summer items just released. I purchased a pair of Callahan's and ordered the Buttercup shorts in the pink seersucker.
We also went to see Easton Corbin & Corey Smith at City Place while we were there!

[HE] & I at the concert!

Easton Corbin was great and is such a cutie :)

[KP] & I at the Easton Corbin & Corey Smith concert.

Easton (yes, were on a first name basis) put on a great show!

love my country music lovin' BF!

Easton sang all of our favorite songs!

We also met Corey Smith outside the restaurant we went to after. Sorry about the quality :( I had some guy take the picture and he failed to tell me it came out awful.

[HE] & I are car twinnzzz!

The Baseball team won the regional championship!
[HE] & I after the game. It was hot!


[KP] & I after the game!

[HE] also took me to this fabulous restaurant in Jupiter called Guanabana's. So good!

[HE] at the restaurant!

Fabulous views from our dinner seats!

I had such a great week with [HE] and I'm so glad she let me come stay with her! If anyone
is ever in the Jupiter/Palm Beach area let me know and I can recommend some
fabulous dinner spots/shopping.
It was so much fun to catch up with her since I don't get to see her that often and I can't
wait til' she comes over to my side for a visit!

I hope everyone is having a great week :)

P.S.- Sorry for the weird spacing on this post! It looks fine on my end but when I publish
it turns out all spaced crazy. Blogger & I are not getting along today.



HCF said...

I live in Palm Beachhhhh. You look like you had more fun in your time here then I do in my entire life. Lol. It makes realize theres a lot of fun things to do here that I dont realize.

The Pink Owl said...

Love Cory Smith!! Palm Beach looks like a fun time!

TheSocialKnight said...

I love when people visit my hometown :) Glad you had fun and Cityplace and Lilly PBG is just amazing :D

Hailey said...

I have an IS as well, she is white though :)