Monday, May 9, 2011

my BFF comes to visit!

Well I told y'all that my BFF [AB] was coming down from TN to visit me during both of our breaks from school. She got here on Wednesday and we immediately started doing things as soon as she got here. I took her down to Fort Myers beach for dinner at Parrot Key and we watched the FMB sunset afterwards and went to Kilwin's for ice cream! Then the next day we went to Sanibel Island with bee_sue from Preppy wife Preppy life! Turns out her and [AB] knew each other before I even met bee_sue in nursing school (small town, small world). We had the best day soaking up the sun on Sanibel and even stopped at the local Lilly boutique on the Island- Her Sport's Closet. And when we got home we found our sale dresses in the mail that we purchased at the Leapin' Lizards FB sale earlier in the week! (what a great day :) Then we headed down to Blu Sushi for dinner and had yogurt mountain for dessert (quite possibly the best combination). The next day was of course Royal Wedding day and we lounged around all morning and watched that, laid out by the pool for a bit then headed down to Captiva for dinner and drinks at the Mucky Duck, followed by dessert at the Bubble Room. We watched the sunset on Captiva beach and it was so gorgeous (look for pictures below). We had such a great time and I can't wait to see [AB] again. Most likely this time will be in TN at our cabin hopefully this summer.

Here's pictures of our weekend:

[AB] & I on FMB watching the sunset.

Finally got a picture with the sun setting in the back.

Toes in the sand.

[AB] & I on Sanibel Island

Most beautiful beach ever!

Bee_sue & I on Sanibel Island!

All three on Sanibel Island, it was such a gorgeous day!

Stone crab claws anyone?

Yum! Makes beach days 10x better.

Daisy doing some lounging at the pool.

Just relaxing on the floatie.

[AB] & I on Captiva at the Mucky Duck!

Bubble Room Orange Crunch cake = too die for!

Lots of people at the Mucky Duck, great band to the left.

[AB] & I watching the Captiva sunset, nothing better!

We had such a great time! Can't wait to see her again.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!



Suze said...

What a fun exciting weekend with your BFF :) Gorgeous pictures! Sanibel is one of my favorite places! My family would go every summer when i was younger! It looks like y'all had fun and ate some yummy food and delicious drinks :) Have a great evening!

Amanda said...

You both look bronzed and beautiful (I'm jealous)! Glad you had a good weekend with your bestie!

megan said...

How fun! Love your bathing suit! :)

Jana said...

I want to go to Sanibel Island so bad! I've heard they have the best shells!!!

The Pink Owl said...

So hoping to visit Sanibel this summer! You look beautiful!

Melissa said...

Loving the pictures! Do I spy a lilly bathing suit? Great blog!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun weekend! I'm loving your bathing suit - and Daisy's life vest. Riley has one with a handle too. (in case he jumps off the boat after a fish or seagull, haha!)

Glad you had such a great time! Catching up with old friends is the best!