Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know this post is a little delayed but I've been enjoying my break so much
and haven't had time to post! This Easter [KP] & I went to church with
our favorite newlywed couple [JD & JD].
Then we went to Red Robin, YUMMM! (sorry, couldn't help myself).
And [KP]'s mom made dinner for all of his family later that afternoon.
We had the traditional Easter meal with ham, potatoes, green beans and it was delish!
Then we had an Easter egg hunt for some of [KP]'s cousins. It was such a great day!

Our traditional annual Easter picture!

[KP]'s little cousin, daisy & I.

Daisy in her Easter dress!

Outfit: Sweater- J.crew
Blouse: J.crew
Skirt: J.crew
Sandals: (not pictured) Kate Spade

[KP]'s outfit: Dress Shirt: Polo
Dress pants: Polo
Shoes: (not pictured) Kenneth Cole

I bought the eggs that blended into the surroundings! It took them
forever to find this one.

[KP]'s cousin eating the candy as she went along.

Counting all the eggs up to make sure we didn't miss any!

My Easter egg birds nests'!

And Easter egg cupcakes!

Daisy found an egg for herself.

Kyle's Easter basket. I worked long and hard on this thing and I am just kinda satisfied with how it came out. I used the new Sharpie paint pens and they were a little difficult to use. (Or maybe I'm just a messy crafter).

I hope everyone else had a great Easter and I know you did because I have already read most of your posts!

Have a great week bloggers!

kyndra @ littlemisssouthernlove.


Suze said...

LOVE your easter recap! You looked gorgeous girl! Those pictures are great! You did great on Kyle's easter basket :)

~Courtney~ said...

Love the cardigan!!

mFw said...

Looks like a great Easter!!! Love your sweater!!!

Brittany said...

Cute basket! I love your easter outfit! Where did you get the skirt and sweater?

Jana said...

I love those birds nests! So cute! What a cute idea...

Elizabeth said...

Your outfit is super cute! Love Daisy's dress too - and your cupcakes! Precious!

xoxo, elizabeth

I'm a dreamer... said...

You look beautiful & the cupcakes delish!!

The Pink Tutu said...

What cute Easter pics! Love your outfit :)