Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trip to Cincy/Flying outfit.

Flying to Cincy tomorrow for [KP]'s baseball tourney this weekend.
This is the outfit I plan on wearing on the plane.
I always try to dress comfy and warm on airplanes because I usually freeze.

This is my first Polyvore on a blog.. What do you guys think?

What do you usually wear on planes?
Do you like to be comfy & warm like I do?

Hope everyone is having a great week :)



Suze said...

Cute idea for outfit :) I definately dress warm for flying too!

Emily said...

love the tory bag!

Amanda said...

Great outfit. I'm a "cute" and comfortable flyer. I never wear heels, but I like to look good when I fly. You never know who you'll meet. Check back in a few days for when I met ED WESTWICK in the airport ;)

Emily said...

Just bought a Lilly Pulitzer iPhone cover yesterday! I couldn't decide between the pink and green one you have pictured or the nautical blue one-- both just too cute!

♡ bAs said...

I love that you even put your iphone & lilly cover on here... Necessities, duh! You are going to have so much fun & look super cute! Can't wait to see pictures from the trip! <3

Miss Southern Prep said...

Cute outift! I love those Tiffany bow earrings!

Arielle said...

Your blog is so cute! Do you go to UF? :) I have been wanting to switch my major to nursing and do OB/Pediatrics! Do you just think you would love it?? :)

Jessica said...

Cute outfit! I love anything Tiffanys.

I'm stopping by and following from the Juici Life. great blog!

Rissy said...

aww shucks you are probably one of those girls who actually looks cute in a polo button down! I used to work at Polo and had to wear one. It looked so bad on me, and I was always jealous of the uber preppy girls who could rock them so well!

oh and you mentioned baseball so I already love you ; )


BelleinBows said...

I love your Polyvore! Isn't it fun.
We both did one on travel attire. Being comfy is definitely important when traveling. I love the Tiffany Bow jewelry!

Jules said...

Polyvore is such a fun site to play on. I love going on there before vacation and planning outfits. I like to layer when I travel too in case it's cold like you said (which it usually is!). I love the Tory tote and Tiffany Bow necklace!