Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Vow.

Last Friday, on opening night, I went with my mom
and little sister to see The Vow. I of course was SO
excited due to all the hype being created by this movie and
couldn't wait to see it. We of course had girls dinner
first at one of our favorite restaurants across
the street from the movie theatre. Also while
watching the previews I got so excited for The Lucky One
to come out! It looks so good as well. 

 I don't want to give away too much for those
of you who haven't seen it yet but I can say that
you MUST go see it.  If you love sappy love stories like
I do you will be completely captured by this movie. I cried about
75% of the movie.. which for me means that it was a
good movie. I couldn't help but text [KP] after the movie
was over and tell him how much I love him and how thankful
I am for him. Yes, it was that kind of a movie. It hit me right
in the heart.

 One of my favorite scenes of the movie.. who doesn't love
Channing Tatum soaking wet?! 

 I think Rachel McAdams is gorgeous! 

I also was thinking a lot after the movie 
and I am really thankful that I have my blog! I told
[KP] he should be thankful that I blog almost everything
that happens in our lives so that if we ever
get in an accident and I lose my memory 
I read back on my blog and remember how 
much I love him! This means more sappy
lovey posts for [KP] coming up soon! hah.

Before any good movie comes out that
was made after a book I always try and
read the book first.. but I got busy and couldn't
find the book on my Ipad so it didn't get read
before hand. But I found the book in target (and
now it's available on the Ipad, of course) and
started reading it the next night. 
I ended up finishing
the book before the weekend was over. It was so good!
I loved the book and the movie a lot for separate reasons.
Most of the books made into movies are way better as books
(Ahem, Nicholas Sparks!). 
But since this one was written
by the actual couple I loved it a lot but it was so different than
the movie that I couldn't really say if one was better than the
other. I loved them both! 
But if you love a good love story 
read the book and go see the movie!
 You won't be disappointed.

I hope everyone is having a great
week so far!

Little Miss Southern Love


Sarah said...

This movie hit me right in the heart, too! I loved it and I can't wait to watch it again!

Allyson said...

I loved it! I cried pretty much the whole time - which is exactly the kind of movie I like!


Elizabeth said...

I loved the movie! So good and the fact that it has a bittersweet ending makes me love it even more! So realistic because even when things work out they don't always work out exactly the way you might want them to.

Great point about the blog! So glad to have all my memories in writing!