Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Day!

Ohh Christmas Day.. What a whirlwind you are.
Christmas is semi-crazy for me.
And next year I told everyone that I will no longer
be doing the crazy run around like a mad woman.

Here's my Christmas day schedule-

Wake up at my moms
Open gifts with mom, step-dad, brothers and sisters
Breakfast at moms
Head to dads
Open gifts at dads with step-mom & step-sis
Lunch at dads
Head to MIL & FIL's house
Early dinner at MIL & FIL's house
Open gifts at MIL & FIL's house
Head back to mom's
Open gifts with other grandparents, aunts & uncles
Dinner at mom's

All this in one day makes me one crazy, fat girl.
Lots of eating. And lots of pretending I'm hungry
so as not to hurt feelings.

So next year will be our first married
Christmas. And as much as I love Christmas
traditions this is one Christmas tradition that I hate.

So here are some pictures from my wonderful
Christmas this year.
I was super tired Christmas morning.. most likely
due to the fact that this year we were SO behind. I guess we
were slacking a little because we were up wrapping
gifts until 3am. And when the kids come in at 6 this
does not make for an especially pretty sight.

 Daiser and I got awesome goodies in our stockings!

 Dear Santa,
You could have forgotten the Pogo Stick. I've nearly
killed myself a handful of times by tripping over it.

Hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas as well! 


Little Miss Southern Love

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