Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fishing with the Fiance`

As you can tell from our Engagement post [KP] & I love fishing.
Well.. I take that back. [KP] loves fishing WAY more than I do.
I don't necessarily love fishing.. I love catching! :) haha.
But we love spending time together fishing.
A few weeks ago [KP] and I headed out in the morning
and kayaked to a great fishing spot that he has
been fishing for the past few weeks.
I caught redfish after redfish for about an hour 
until I was tired. They weren't the largest redfish
ever but it was sure fun to catch so many of them.

[KP] & I have the same Olympus waterproof
cameras that we love! And he always keeps his
in his fishing tackle bag. (The same
bag that my ring was hidden in on my favorite fishing
trip ever!)

Here's some pictures we took that day..

 Of course Costa's and my Lilly bathing suit were a must-have
on this fishing trip! :)

It was a great day on the water and I love fishing with my fiance'!

Unfortunately.. the same wonderful day was ruined by this:
[KP] & I were rear-ended on the way to dinner with our favorite
newlyweds. You can't even tell here but I was so upset..
[KP] got mad that I was more upset that my car looked
like this. What can I say.. I loved my car! 

My car was in really bad shape as you can tell.. 
We are in the middle of the longest process of my life 
trying to get things situated with the 
other insurance company. 
Needless to say my car is not able to be fixed :( poor baby.
and have I ever mentioned how much I HATE insurance
They obviously don't realize who they are dealing
with.. long story short but my step-dad is 
a personal injury attorney and we are suing! 
ahhh. so frustrating. I can't wait til it's over and done with.

Hope you girls are having a great week! 

Little Miss Southern Love


Jessi said...

I am so sorry about your car! Insurance companies are terrible, no matter what one it is. I'm still dealing with my accident from November. They're so shady! I hope everything gets worked out.

But the fishing looks like fun! :)

Rebecca said...

you and your fiance are so cute!! And I love your lilly croakies! Sorry about your accident =[ Was it a hit and run or did the people stay?

Elizabeth said...

You and KP are precious!

I'm sorry about your car. I was rear-ended last summer and dealing with the other company's insurance was a nightmare. Luckily my insurance company was terrific and paid the damages to my car immediately and then reclaimed them from the other company. We did end up having to file suit for medical bills but settled out of court. Car accidents are no fun! Hope everything works out for you! xoxo

Amanda said...

Your poor baby! What a beautiful car! I would have been crying if this was my car. Hopefully it all works out for the best in the end. Other than the accident, looks like a great day fishing :)

TheSocialKnight said...

Oh my gosh, so sorry about the car! Hope everyone is okay. I love your photos on the water though! I can always agree I'm not an angler, but I'd love to catch a fish!

Ashley Slater said...

yay for this fishing, boo for being rear ended! ughhhhhhhh! That really sucks.

well, I am hosting a custom necklace giveaway on my blog today for ashley of the shine project. The Shine Project Giveaway Maybe that will cheer you up?!?

you should check it out and enter!
x, ashley

Jess said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about your car! That car really did a number on yours. :( I hope your week gets better, love!

Shannon said...

Wow! The other driver really ran the back end of your car through the wringer. I'd be pretty upset, too.

But hey! You got some great pics on your fishing trip! I love the 6th one. So peaceful. :-)

I've been trying to talk my fiance into buying a couple kayaks. We love to fish, but he thinks fishing from a kayak is a bad idea. LOL!

cAc said...

The fishing looks so fun! I just learned how to fish last month and did it again at the beach a couple of weeks ago. I've only surf fished at the beach, but can't wait to try it out more! I agree though- I love catching more than fishing. And I'm so sorry about your car! I hope you're alright! xoxo

Lindsey said...

just catching up on all of my posts since i have been to the beach, love love LOVE the venue yall have chosen! It is STUNNING. can't wait to see the rest!!