Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cruise to Alaska: Days 1&2.

I have been putting off putting these pictures up for
quite some time now and I can't avoid it any longer.
I think I was just so overwhelmed every time I looked 
into this album on Iphoto because I seriously took about
1,000 pictures each day. Yeah I know.
Something happens to me on vacation and I become the
crazy picture taking lady. You know the one.. the camera
never leaves her hand and she's taking pictures of the weirdest
things.. Yep, that's me!

Anyway, I figured the best way to go about blogging
about this amazing trip would be to combine it into days.

We took this trip to celebrate 50 years of marriage
between my amazing grandparents!

Day 1- Our flight left Florida in the afternoon and 
we had a short layover in Detroit before we landed in 
Anchorage for the night. (2am Florida time- 10pm Alaska 
time. Which also mean't still daylight!!)

[MD & CD] my mom & stepdad.

Because we were celebrating, we all flew first class.
All 12 of us. And it was amazing! Flying first class is 100% 
worth it when traveling a long distance.

Cousin [KC] and Sister [AD]. Obviously with Justin Bieb
magazines in hand.

Aunt [SC] & Uncle [LC]

Brother [BR] & Cousin [CC]

I think between all of us we had 9 Ipad's total to keep us
busy on the plane!

My grandma [GC] aka- Mimi & Grandpa [PC] aka- Papa

[ND] & I.

This new smile of his makes quite a few appearances on this trip!

I love plane pictures!

Finally to the hotel in Anchorage.

Day 2: We boarded our scenic bus tour to travel from
Anchorage to Seward to get on the boat.

And oh, was it scenic!

[BR], [MD], & [PC]

We got some great family pictures here!

Me, [MD] & [PC]

Total tourist with the camera bag!

The kids aren't mad at me for taking there picture.. it was
freezing! Clearly we weren't prepared for the weather this day.

I envy my Mimi's camera.

The good ole' family shot :)


Clearly I stood out everywhere we went in Alaska with
my hotty pink Columbia fleece

What looks like the beachy sand area is actually glacial silt!

We stopped at a wildlife preserve for about an hour.
It was so fun to walk around and I got some great
animal pictures.

I think this one could be a postcard.

Fell in love with these signs.

First glimpse of the ship!!

Sharing a room with these two for 7 days was quite interesting.

Did some exploring and found the putt-putt!

The little black dot in the water is an otter.

First dinner!

LP made an appearance at dinner every night!

Mmm.. Dirty Shirley's!

Well that was the first two days! 
I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Will be posting
more shortly.

Little Miss Southern Love


Emily said...

I would love to take an alaskan cruise, these pictures are great!

xx Emily @

Turtles and Pearls said...

I love that you wore Lilly, even in Alaska! The scenery looks like it was gorgeous, and I think its great that the whole family got to go celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Ah it looks so beautiful!! My family is trying to plan a trip to Alaska... I'm pushing for the cruise route and they're pushing for the rustic route. We'll see how that goes..!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I would absolutely love to go to Alaska. The pictures you took are absolutely stunning!


Amanda said...

Lots of pictures is an understatement! But I actually really like this obscene amount of pictures because it's ALMOST like I am on the trip via your blog.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip! Love all the pictures - they're gorgeous! xoxo

Liesl said...

What FUN!!! Going on an Alaskan cruise is on my list of things to do...looks wonderful and so pretty!

Liesl :)

Caroline said...

Lilly in Alaska-- gotta love it!!

Pamela said...

Love all of your pictures! It's all so beautiful! Especially the animals!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I've always wanted to take a cruise to Alaska! Looks amazing-such great views! Love all your Lilly too!

Val said...

Wow, looks like such an incredible place!

♡ bAs said...

Love all the pictures! Seriously breath taking! I laughed out loud when I saw ND's smile on the plane adorable. Love the Lilly, duh! xoxo