Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of Summer Playlist!

Trust me, I am just sad as you are that summer
 is coming to an end. So I decided to share with you
 my go-to playlist right now. 
Confession: I LOVE creating playlists. I do it all the time. 
And I have one for almost every occasion. haha. 
There has been some seriously good new country music 
being released lately.. and these are some of my favorite
new songs. I hope that y'all haven't heard all of these songs
because I love sharing new music with people and then
finding out they love it.
This playlist is perfect for the last summer Saturday
on the beach or a end of summer roadtrip.
Let me know what you think!

(Click to make it bigger in another window)

Of course, I recommend you preview these songs on Itunes
before purchasing. I love buying new songs 
and creating a new playlist. It's one thing 
I know I can always do to brighten my day!

I hope everyone is enjoying one of the last few weeks of summer!

Little Miss Southern Love


Janna said...

Great Playlist- I'm going to be adding to one I just made! And the new Love Done Gone video makes me want to plan a trip to New Orleans!

Annie said...

We are music twins!

Mary and Dyer said...

What an adorable blog!! We have so much in common!! I am a nursing student myself, southern girl, love all these songs, love my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ... I think the only thing we can agree to disagree on is that I'm a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan!! Lol, but I'll still send you some blog lovin'. :)

I'm now following you! I hope you can check out me & my sister's blog and follow back :) We love new visitors!!

Twitter: @maryanddyer