Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday: Location!

Today I am once again linking up with Elizabeth
over at Life with Elizabeth for Bridal Talk Tuesday.

I have been looking at different ceremony and reception
cites for as long as I can remember. 
Everywhere we went I would always be
looking around thinking "hmm.. would I want to get married here?"

And the result:

The first and our top venue (#1) is South Seas Resort 
on Captiva, Fl.
Remember yesterdays post where I talked about our 
vacation to Sanibel Island, Fl? 
Well Captiva is also an island and 
is only accessible from Sanibel.
The island of Captiva contains some of our favorite 
restaurants and more importantly some of [KP]'s 
favorite fishing spots are right around the island.

Visiting the resort for the first time I just knew.
It's absolutely gorgeous.
And it will be like a mini-vacation for all our guests.
We are touring with my parents this Saturday and I cannot
wait. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

 Gorgeous views all around the Island.

 This is an aerial view from their website. Gorgeous, yes I know.

 Golf course. [KP] is excited to golf with the men the day of!

 This is a wedding set up in sunset cove.
You can see why it's called sunset cove.
Love everything about this.

 Wedding reception on King's Crown Lawn.
We are thinking November and I really want
an outside reception.

 Like.. this one!

 Uhm.. gorgeous. Love it.

Our next choice (#2) is the Sanctuary Golf Club on Sanibel Island, Fl.
I just found this venue today and I am so excited about it.
We would most likely be having our Ceremony either 
on Bowman's Beach on Sanibel if we choose this venue.
This country club reminds me of a Southern Plantation
which is why we like it so much.

 Gorgeous club house and I love the outdoor cocktail hour.

 The inside is gorgeous as well.. love the big bay windows
and the light airy feel.

 Love this photo of a wedding hosted here.

Our next choice (#3) is the Gasparilla Inn on Boca Grande.
This is an old Inn that is such a picturesque setting for our
nautical wedding. This venue is gorgeous at night.
The only downside of this venue is that we would getting married
by the banyan trees and not on the beach. But I still love the 
old flair that it has.

The next choice (#4) is the Hyatt Coconut Point Resort
in Estero, Fl. This resort is right by where [KP] lives
and has a lot of great things to offer.
Although once again here we would not be on the beach like we 
wanted. Although we would be close to the water.

 A gorgeous wedding out in the garden at the Hyatt Coconut.
They have gorgeous spaces for outdoor weddings.

 Another awesome wedding by a fountain. 

 And I love this location at Coconut Point Hyatt. 

Our next choice (#5) is the Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel Island.
This is my last choice and I seriously doubt we will pick it
but I thought I would throw it in for fun.
This one is right on the middle of the Island so it's not
really more of the private ceremony I wanted.

 They do have a gorgeous set-up on the grass.

Love this. But once again it's right in the middle of a large resort
and they cannot stop people from wandering the beach behind
your ceremony. Unlike South Seas which can be barricaded
so that people don't wander.

There are so many different things that go into decided about 
a ceremony/reception site and these are the top things
on our list:

1. Beachy/Nautical/Southern feel
2. Family friendly location
3. Guest Rooms (and discount)
3. Mini-vacation location
4. Golf course close
5. Personal Consultant Included
6. Possible Rehearsal dinner cites close
7. Not too expensive (Yes, I looked at the Ritz Naples
and at $220/person UHM, NO!)
8. Great picture taking backgrounds
9. Outdoor Reception possibilities
10. And something we both LOVE!

I cannot wait to start touring venues as soon as my parents
return from vacation.

Hope you enjoyed today's Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Little Miss Southern Love


sSe said...

Oh my gosh, all of your ideas look absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to see what you ultimately pick. With all your great concepts I will be living vicariously through you and your wedding!

Kendra said...

All these places look fabulous!! I know you are going to have a wonderful wedding!

Hailey said...

Beautiful :)!!!

Karen said...

WOW! All these places look absolutely gorgeous, you will have a wonderful day!

Ashley Brooke said...

all of those locations are gorgeous! i just got married in florida in july, so i know how hard it is to pick a location! since you're planning your wedding, i just wanted to let you know that i also have a giveaway going on at my blog for a $100 gift certificate to ann's bridal bargains if you're interested :)

Amanda said...

How could you decide on one of those because they all look great, Kyndra!

Janna said...

Those are all so gorgeous! We were just in Boca during the 4th of July weekend and there was a wedding at the Gasparilla Inn- so neat! And the whole shopping area was buzzing about the wedding- we were sitting at lunch one day and the waitress asked if we were there for the big day!

Laura Darling said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!

It's Official said...

Oh my gosh how exciting!! I think number one and number two are my favorite choices but how you plan on narrow it down between such beauties!? XO

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for linking up again!

I'm loving all these locations! Your wedding is going to be fabulous. Love the beach style wedding and outdoor reception idea!!! So exciting! I can't wait to see what you choose.

miss andrea lee said...

All theses locations are absolutely beautiful!! I'm not sure how you are going to narrow it down.. But I really love the first one too!

Pamela said...

All the locations are gorgeous!! No doubt about it, your wedding will be beautiful! We had an outdoor wedding & I loved it!!