Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marley Lilly.

Some of my fellow blogging ladies have some fabulous giveaways going on right now. But, my favorites are definitely the Marley Lilly giveaways. After reading about College Prep's giveaway and Flip Flops & Pearls giveaway I knew that I had to check out the Marley Lilly website, and I was not disappointed. I could pretty much add one of everything to my cart. So I am hoping to win one of these items from their giveaways! (If not I will surely buy all of them or put them on my birthday list!)

This is definitely my #1 pick- I mean it already has my monogram in the EXACT colors I would choose. What's not to love?

Every southern tailgating girl can NEVER have enough coozies.

I can already picture myself going to class in the morning with my coffee in this fabulous cup!

Love the croakie on the top!

This hat would be perfect for our summer trips to the beach.

Every since watching Michelle on the bachelor this season I have wanted a monogrammed necklace. And these are the most reasonably priced ones that I have seen.

I hope I win the giveaway, check out Marley Lilly's website!



WhatMissLoves said...

Love that company and I really really love that necklace of theirs! I'm going to have to check it out.

btw I'm doing a fun post centered around my readers :)I hope you can stop by and decide if you want to take part!

Michelle Leigh said...

That hat is fantastic!!