Thursday, March 24, 2011

Engagement Rings.

So [KP] and I will have been dating for a whole 7 years this June! (Crazy right!) Sooo needless to say we are in that stage where we know we really want to be engaged and planning a wedding and our future together. Well, I might be the only one in this stage just waiting for the ring, hah! I have made a few trips to our favorite local jewelry store to pick out some of my favorites. Today while my mom and grandma and I were shopping they wanted to stop in for a few minutes (which turned into a few hours). I showed my grandma the settings I had been eyeing and got my finger sized and updated my wish list (thank god for those!). Just a note- it's really important my grandma (mimi) approves of the setting because one of her fabulous diamonds will be showcased in it! Just wanted to show you ladies a few things that I am looking at to see what you think. Let me know!

#4 choice! This one is a double halo setting with square stones in the band.

Single halo, simple setting.
Also a single halo with a simple setting.
This one is a single halo with bigger round diamonds in the band.

This one is my #1 choice! It has a double halo that is cushion cut shaped
around the round stone. and I have tried it on and it is fabulous.
(better picture at the top with the honey)

#3 choice! Also a double halo with a simple straight band with round stones.

This one is a double halo also (if you can't tell I love those) but the band gets skinny when it gets closer to the center stone.
#2 choice! Double halo with a smaller band with round stones and a cushion cut halo surrounding the center stone.


Elizabeth said...

I happened upon your blog today and have decided to follow. My boyfriend and I have been looking at engagement rings as well as I have tried on some of the same Tacori settings (my fav by Tacori is your 4th picture down). I definitely agree - they are completely fabulous! Love some of the favorites you've chosen. And I totally agree - wish lists are essential!!! :)


p.s. - Your layout is adorable.

Ashley said...

These are all sooo beautiful!!! Love them!!! =) Just wanted to stop by and say hello!

MLD said...

so pretty!

Val said...

Those rings are gorgeous!

Brittany said...

I loved looking at these rings! I keep showing my boyfriend rings I like. haha I just found your blog today and now I am your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)