Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Favorite music at the moment..

I LOVE making playlists! I think I have one for just about every occasion. This is a spring/summer playlist that I made recently that I have been listening to non-stop. Check out some of the songs and see what you think.. My favorite thing about Itunes is that you can listen before you buy, so try it out! I really only listen to country music (because it's the best, duh!). Enjoy!

(The best song on here that really gets me
excited for summer is... Knee Deep by ZBB!)



Kori said...

Me too!!!!! I always get a charge out of finding new music that I love! I just updated my playlist on the blog a few minutes ago. You should check it out! Have a great Wednesday honey! Kori xoxo


Amanda said...

Loving this playlist! I might have to borrow some of your suggestions :)

~Courtney~ said...

I agree, country music is the best! I apparently need to crawl out of the hole I am in and listen to Knee Deep! How have I not heard this yet?

cAc said...

Omg I love this entire playlist! Stealing it!