Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear Mommy [Happy Mothers Day 2013]

Happy Mothers Day to my amazing Mommy! 
Who stood by my side on this very special day and continues to stand 
by my side everyday after. She is always my partner in everything 
that involves shopping and Lilly Pulitzer. Everyone always comments
on how much we truly look alike and honestly there is no one else
that I would rather look like or be like. 

My mom is the best example of what
a great mom should be, she has always put her children
first in everything that she does. She is always there to help me
when times are tough and she always knows when I am stressed
out and need her help.  

She always gives the best advice, If only I would have listened to her more when I was 
younger. Now I truly know the meaning of "Mama knows best".  She 
has guided me through life and is completely responsible
for the woman I am today.  
She is the best Mom and I am not sure what I would do without her.
We plan on making today extra special for her, just like
she deserves.

"To dry your happy tears, as you have always dried mine.
Today a Bride, tomorrow a wife, forever your little girl. 
Thank you for the wedding of my dreams"

Love you always and forever, Mom.


Jen Watts said...

sweetest thing ever!

Caitlin A. Cleland said...

I just found your blog from a picture on tumblr. We got married the same day! I can't wait to read more!