Monday, May 14, 2012

The Social Media Generation

Let me first say, I love our church and our Pastor! We attend
Next Level Church in Fort Myers pastored by Matt Keller.
Week after week the topics are always new and pertain 
to everyone young and old. 
This past Sunday he spoke out of the book of
2 Timothy chapter 2 about the different
generations and how anyone 29 and younger is apart
of the Millennial generation. This generation 
has also been coined the 'Social Media' generation because
of our love for social media. This generation is also
known for the phrase of "We want to do that too".
Many people look down on our generation.. but according
to many different surveys the priorities of 
the millennial generation are the same
as some of the older generations.
Some of the top priorities include: being a good parent,
owning a home, and having a successful marriage.

Here is a great article that explains the graph in more detail.

[Sidenote: There are a lot of articles out there with some
negative perspectives on this.. I encourage you to
of course, research before you speak. But I am
speaking from a Christian perspective and based on
facts given in church yesterday and some of the research
I have done on my own.]

Everyone always harps on the fact that I am
ALWAYS connected to some sort of social media.. be it
Twitter, blogger, Facebook, instagram, tumblr, foursquare,
pinterest.. you name it I am on all of them all the time. Pastor
Matt spoke this weekend about how these social media outlets
can be used for good. Our generation has the greatest
chance possible to spread the gospel more effectively 
due to the amount of social media outlets we are connected to!

This REALLY hit home for me.. 
(as his sermons do almost every week)
and it occurred to me... 
Had I shared my faith on my blog?
Then I realized.. I don't think I have shared
as much of my faith as I would like on all of the Social Media
outlets that I am connected to. 
Yes, I have shared bits and
pieces, but am I really reaching my max potential for
this blog to be used as a testament? Probably not. 
I have quite a few loyal followers on many of these
different sites and I realized that if I touched just one 
or two of them and made a difference in
their life in a difficult time then it would all be worth it.

So this is one of my new goals. 

Sometimes I get carried away posting about my life
and things that I enjoy but I hope that if anyone has any
questions or ever needs someone to talk to that I will
always be here to lend an ear and be as good of a friend 
as I know how to be. For some reason I feel like someone needs
to hear this. So if it is you, please feel free to email me or 
DM me on twitter or wherever you feel comfortable. 

The goal is not for us to become so consumed in our
social media outlets that we forget about Him, but to use 
our social media outlets FOR His good. 

I also enjoy hearing about what else is going on
in everyone else's churches so please feel free to share!

Speaking of social media:
 I will be live tweeting the Bachelorette premiere 
tonight so feel free to follow on twitter here.


Little Miss Southern Love


Anonymous said...

Love this post! I agree - while there are a lot of rough spots with social media, if you use it for good, it can be really far-reaching!!


Rebecca said...

love this post! Glad were not a lost generation!

Allyson Butler said...

What a great post! I've been thinking about Facebook and Social Media a lot lately, and I love your perspective.

Southern Charm said...

I love that you're speaking up! So many bloggers are afraid to share their faith i feel like,so I'm happy you're saying something :)

Jamie said...

Beautiful point! Your pastor is right, even though I am not part of the Social Media generation (Gen X here), I am constantly connected. I fail to share my faith often as well.

Another point, as believers, we need to use caution in what we do post. I have seen so many hurt by comments/posts.

Lindsey said...

Great post and so true!

MCM said...

Thanks so much for sharing your faith with us readers. Lately I too have been feeling like I don't share my faith enough. Thanks for helping me realize this!