Wednesday, April 13, 2011

slow motion.

This will be the first blog that I have written that is somewhat personal and gives you a deeper view into my life.

I am in this really weird place right now.....

I'm about to graduate college with my Bachelor's in Nursing in August.
I will finish my preceptorship in December.
I will take the NCLEX in January 2012.
Then I will be applying for nursing jobs.
Whoahh, scary.

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost SEVEN (7) years.
It will officially be 7 years on my birthday.
I'm turning 22 on June 28.
Everyone I know (pretty much) is engaged or married.
I still live at home with my parents.

I'm at this place in life where things are ABOUT to happen.
But.. nothing is happening.
It seems like everything I want to happen is taking FOREVER.
And I have the least amount of patience of anyone I know.
It's not like I want to move out, be engaged, get married, and have kids all right away.
I just need a change.

I have been asking the Lord to give me patience and contentment...
to enjoy where I am at in life right now.
This might come out as complaining to some..
but I just felt I should express this feeling.

Do any of you feel the same?



Elizabeth said...

I'm a year older than you and I have to tell you I felt the exact same way you did this time last year when I was about to graduate college. I was earning my bachelor's degree in education and all school districts within an hour's commute of the city where I was living had announced a hiring freeze and that they would be excessing some of the teachers that they did have. So I knew that meant no change yet - no big girl job for a while! My boyfriend and I hadn't been dating long enough yet to become engaged at that point even though so many of my friends were getting engaged and married.

From experience, I'd say the hardest transition you'll ever make is when you graduate college and transition into the "real world." Especially now that the economy is terrible and not everyone gets married the month after they graduate college! Your post definitely struck a personal note with me as it is exactly where I was this time last year. Don't worry - amazing things will happen in your life before you know it! Then things will be changing so fast you'll wish they could slow down long enough for you to enjoy them and relish the moment. :)

Lindsey said...

Maybe it's just a nursing thing, I'm in the exact same place. All I can offer is to take it day by day, and know that no matter what happens the sun will rise in the morning. (so we can either live life or watch it go by) I have done both. It is extemely hard to carry so many different priorities while in nursing, but you will get through, and the outcome is beyond worth it. I pray for strength every day, but need to pray for patience as well. Our plans are still unfolding, but you are almost there with the brightest of futures!!!!!! Good luck!!!
Ps. I have my first interview tomorrow in CICU at the hospital I work for now!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I know this is hard, because, I sometimes feel the same as you (only no boyfriend, which leads to freak-outs worrying i'll be an old maid). When I feel this way, I try to focus on the fact that everything happens for a reason, and that I should just let the emotions occur, but also know that it will get better! This is a very exciting time for us, so enjoy it as it is, and be thankful that you aren't planning a wedding on top of all that nursing stress! Hope this helps!

cAc said...

Oh goodness! Patience is definitely something I have yet to learn... I'm not in the same situation because my relationship is still rather new and I'm more excited than impatient right now. But I can see how your situation is anxiety inducing. I pray mostly that God allows me to calm down and not let anxiety get the best of me. I try to be thankful for every day and let everything else fall into place! Even if it takes awhile ;)

MLD said...

The transition from college to real life for me was a really awkward uneasy time. The best advice I can give you is to not hurry things along. Just let them happen on their own.

little miss southern love. said...

thanks for all the sweet comments ladies! And I will be taking all of the wonderful advice you have given me and put it to good use :)